Saturday, April 28, 2018

Making Simpler Plans

One of the perks of being in my beginning sketching class was to have received a teensy sketchbook. Something very small to toss into your purse (this one barely 3" square).  

But alas, due to the slow healing and recuperation after my knee surgery I have had to postpone both classes here in FL in April and in WI in June.  I am SO disappointed.

If you were thinking of either class, don't give up hope.  But it's going to be in the late summer or fall now.  

But there are innumerable set backs, an infection, medication complications and slow Physical Therapy.  I am not giving up, of course,  but I am at the moment just worn down.  I need to simplify the next few months so that I have no big commitments.  

My major issue will be finding the energy to pack up some of my art supplies for the trip north in less than 3 weeks.  Right now that seems so out of the question.  

Send me good healing thoughts.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Using Inktense Color Blocks

The last blog post had a bit of information about Derwent Ink-tense color blocks.  These are a new purchase that has been sitting in the studio for a month untouched while I try to deal with all the effects of a full knee replacement.  

So the fact that I even got out the materials and spent an hour or so playing with them is a good sign.  

I admit I've been having a pity-party here lately.  Some of it is understandable.  There has been quite a bit of physical discomfort involved in this AND then I had a set back with an infection AND then an allergic reaction to the antibiotics!   

Okay but now it's time to move forward and get serious about the Physical Therapy in the last 4 weeks before we head north.  
It is EXACTLY one month to the day now before our planned leaving date.  More on this another time.

I wanted to mention that the original colors for this 4 x 6" greeting card were extremely light.  See above.  Inktense is VERY intense and just explodes on the page.  You can color in too much before you add water and there is no way of scaling back.    

So do it lightly first and after the first wash of water..I did go back with a paint brush and add a little more color to most of the blocks to get it as bright as I wanted it.  When dry the color is permanent on the wc paper.  So I could put whatever I want on top of the color.  

Happy 12th Birthday to my grandson, Pat, in Illinois.  
I told him to hang on to the card and in the years ahead he can take it to Antiques Roadshow and they will say, "A card by the famous Ginny Stiles?".  $1,500.  😉

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Something New to tweak the creative buttons

Inktense is solid ink.  That is, it is ink that has been compressed into pencil form or block form.   See blocks above.  The ink is water soluble after you first apply it to paper or fabric.  Then when it dries it is permanent.  It has watercolor qualities because it has a transparent quality to it.  While it is wet it behaves a little like watercolor depending on the surface.  

It can be applied with a brush, poured, grated, and layered.  There are tons of videos on ways to use it on YouTube.  This is someone painting a poppy with the blocks.  Note how little color needs to be initially laid down!  

I have used the pencils for years but have decided to try out some of the blocks now.  The colors do not match "standard" wc hues.  
They match each other..that is pencils and blocks match up.  But the company (Derwent) has developed it's own colors.  

Rather yummy colors including Fuchsia, Teal Green, Baked Earth, Sun yellow, etc.  
More on this another time.

I am busy with Physical Therapy for my knee...I am 11 days past surgery now and moving along pretty well.  Thanks to all my family and friends support!