Monday, December 31, 2012

Zentangle® Mobile

A photo mobile shows  off 20 Zentangle® tiles at a time! Back to Back.

Special thanks to Barbara Wells, CZT, up in The Villages, Florida for this idea.  She was interviewed in a really nice article last Thursday in one section of their paper.  

And in the article she is pointing to HER mobile.  What a great idea.  (Why didn't I think of that!!!) Thank you Barbara.  So I am passing the idea along.  I have hung the tiles back to back so you can display 20 at at time!  Cool.

I have mine right over my desk in the studio for inspiration (hopefully not distraction).  The photo mobiles are for sale for about $8 on  

My next problem is how to use the mobile in my Fine Art Show in February.  The ceilings in the great hall are like 30' high so I can't hang them from the ceiling like I can at home. Any ideas.  I'll have a display table for Zentangle Inspired Art and I'd like to keep everything sort of together.  

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wrapping up some Zentangle Projects

Card and bookmarks and one tile
Kind of wrapping up some of my Zentangle stuff so I can get to "organizing" my studio for the 30 day challenge coming up starting on Wednesday!  

On one book mark I did some watercolor first and then tangled on top of that. The card is my granddaughter's b-day card (her initials are MH). She is 17.   

Have you checked out Margaret Bremner's Zentangle blog to the right lately?  "Enthusiastic Artist."  On yesterday's post she is tangling a thermal coffee pot.  Naturally, since she is my biggest inspiration, I am going to try the same thing soon.  

January has GOT to be one of my craziest months ever!  Thank heavens I am NOT teaching.  But I am going to be starting to setting up the formats for  the artist's booklet for the Fine Arts show coming up in February.  AND figuring out what 7 pieces I am going to enter which will no doubt involve framing.   AND participating in the 30 paintings challenge.  AND painting my kitchen cupboard doors.  And...and...and...ya get the picture.  Sure hope I can stay healthy.  Lots of flu down here in central Florida right now!!!  I had my flu shot.  Happy New Year guys!  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

30 Paintings in 30 Days

You have to be kidding.
30 paintings in 30 days?
No way.

That is the challenge out for Artists Helping Artists starting January 2.  Are you in? 

Here is the link.

I am #117.  So far at least 140 artists have signed on for the challenge...there are a lot of nutty people out there.  We have all been eating too much brandy fruit cake.  :-)  

But do read all the ideas and rules.  
It is not quite as bad as it sounds.  
There are no limits on size or media.  
These can be tiny. 
These can be ATCs or Zentangle tiles or 3 x 4 canvas or whatever.  These can be ink, pastel, wc...etc etc.
These can be sketches in your sketch book.

One of the "suggestions" is that you post your intentions on your blog, web site or FB so that you are more committed to try to keep up.  Miss a day?  Do two the next day. 

 Last summer I did a 75 day Drawing Challenge with Brenda Swenson.  I drew "in ink" a contour (not blind contour) ink drawing every day for 75 days.  I kid you not.  It's really amazing how much better you are by the end!  If you wanted to you could look at my labels and probably find some of the sketches from my archive.  

So this is similar...a discipline challenge from Leslie Saeta.  If you go to the link you will see links to all 140 or more folks in this.  My friend Sherese is 119 and my friend Durinda is 61.  Leslie suggests that between now and Jan 2 you "get organized".  This is the funniest thought!  Organized?  But I know what she means.  If I plan sketches...where is the sketch book I will use?  If I plan to wc where is the paper and is it cut to size?  Etc etc.  

So...after Jan 2, I "should" be posting at least a piece of art work a day.  It may be a Zentangle but I hope to push off and get back to some other mediums.  I am getting ready for a Yupo wc workshop in March...I'd like to warm up to that.  Anyway...I am going to give it a try.  Wish me luck and, how about it Barb Sailor and Deb Ward...come on...are you with me?  

Artists Helping Artists is actually a second blog site.  Click here.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bloom, Ixorus, IX, Cadent, Striping, Auraknot,  Betweed, Paradox, Cubine, ,Jester

These two bookmarks are Christmas surprise gifts for two friends here at our park in Florida.  They got hung in a little Christmas bag on their door knob this morning.  I used some of most favorite tangles.  

I am never totally comfortable with "Betweed".  Somehow it is elusive to me.  But I like it and I like the way others use it so elegantly so I am going to keep trying it.  I love "Bloom" with the dark background and I have not used "Ixorus" for a long time and I'd forgotten how much I love that one.  Kind of a funky "Paradox" this time too.  All in all about an hour's work of delightful pleasure last night before I turned in. I know Barb and Alex will enjoy them as they are both avid readers.  

It is warm and humid here in central Florida on Christmas eve says 70 on the thermometer but feels warmer (overcast).  I've been puttering with last minute Christmas cooking in the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, etc as one does before guests arrive.  

Christmas eve service is at 5 at our church and when we get back the whole park with be filled with candle- lit luminaries.  It is magical.  (A neighbor lights ours for us.) In many ways I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day.  Once you are past the presents thing, you figure it out.  Merry Christmas.  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

String Challenge

Afreeca, Varago, Hollibaugh (variation), Knightsbridge

This Zentangle® is actually a response to Linda Farmer's string challenge to make a tangle out of the numeral "4".'s in there somewhere.  Don't worry about finding it as I can't find it anymore either.  

I wanted to try out Afreeca which is a new tangle to me and I also got snagged into Varago which is somewhat more complicated than I usually use.  But it has possibilities.  Varago popped up on someone's Flicker collection.   

Christmas eve being tomorrow...I felt taking photos on the tree to be justified although I must remember to tell Kendra that I am actually "not" hanging them on my tree.  There is no room.  I just photo them there for a little holiday fun. 

I've been doing holiday baking this afternoon...trying to think of what I might need for the next few days while my sis and brother in law are here.  Our cold weather is slipping off to the east now and we are warming up again in central Florida.  80 on Christmas Day.  Happy Holidays everyone! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making a Zentangle B-day Card.

Zedra, Hollibaugh, Cubine (variation) Fox Trot, Golvan (variation),
Betweed, Kunstler, Laces, Facets, Rounding, Striping

    What a gorgeous day in Florida.  I'm sort of taking it easy with my's better but not ALL better and I want to feel good next week when we have company.  
    This Zentangle® is on a card w/envelope and it's my hubby's birthday card (on Dec 26th). His initials and mine are the same!  I traced the letters this time from some stencils I had.  
    If you know your tangles, see if you can match up some of them to their names?  Fox Trot is hot off the press. I think those funny little "eyes" in Kunstler are a stitch. They look like eyes to me anyway.  
   Have a super duper good weekend everyone. We are going to the Christmas Model Train show up in The Villages on Friday.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thalia the muse of Comedy

Jester, Socc, Speghetti & Meatballs, Germie, Paradox

Once in awhile I find a patterns that just tickles my fancy.  Jester is one of those.  It's the one on the bottom left that is actually a variation of Knightsbridge.  I am drawn to the more "whimsical" tangles I think.  Also the first time I tried "Germie" which is a hysterical name for the little "germ like" things drifting up on the right hand top corner.  I like the whimsical names too!  

Also the whimsical doll you see is my "muse" who is dubbed "Thalia".  After the greek muse of comedy. She is around in my studio to remind me of the lighter side of life and to make me grin.  Just having a doll with gray hair makes me smile to begin with!  If I can't think of anything to draw...I can always sketch her.  She is very forgiving and polite.  She has bendable arms and knees so she can sit in lots of positions and not hurt her back (like me!).  Although I am feeling better today.  


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Zentangles®

On this one I had a little fun using Margaret Bremner's variation on Dex and a new version of Verdegogh.

Tried a variation on Earth Rising and enjoyed slipping in some CO2.  

It is fun to go back and try some I haven't used for a long time.

We had such a beautiful day in central Florida...sunny and close to 80 in Leesburg.  The third Sunday in Advent.  A lovely Sunday with no obligations...doesn't often happen.  Time to read the paper, do a few Zentangles®, take a nap, and watch dusk settle over us. 
Have pulled a muscle in my back AGAIN.  Darn.  I have been doing my exercises and I do not life heavy things.  It happens just tying my shoes sometimes.  Sigh.  Back on Advil and the heating pad for a few days again.  
Nine days to Christmas a snowball going down hill that seems to gather speed.  Have a wonderful week.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A prayer from my friend Rev Jean Wallenfang...Gracious God,  we offer to you our sighs and our pauses and our moments of deep sorrow.  We hold the people in Newtown in our love.  As you hold them in your embrace may they find comfort, strength, hope, peace, and healing love.  As we hold them in our embrace may we renew our commitment to be advocates for the prevention of violence whether it is in our homes, our neighborhoods, our villages, or any other setting.   May our actions and our words embody hope and peace. In faith we pray...amen

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The perfect desk for Zentangle?

Lap Desk perfect for Zentangle

Inside lap desk.

Zentangle with sticker

I found this little "lap desk" at a local craft fair ($5 can you believe it?).  Just the perfect thing for Zentangles®.  Of course, I had to add a few tangles across the top to personalize.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cards and bookmarks

These are greeting cards with envelopes on Strathmore stationary.

These bookmarks will be for sale in February at Hawthorne Park's Fine Art Show.

This weekend there were a few moments between Advent activities to squeeze in a few cards and bookmarks.  I love adding a touch of red in a spot on  Zentangles®.  

It was in the mid-80s in Florida today which is actually way above normal for Dec.  We are curled up this evening watching the snow in Green Bay during the Packer's game.  Now THAT looks the December I know and love!  Well "used" to love.

Go Packers! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

English Robin Stamp

Striping, W2, Hollibaugh, Hibred, Caviar

This week I got a darling little stamp on a Christmas card..from England.  It is an English robin with a little star in his beak.  Just precious.  I love pretty stamps.  With all my Zentangle® things laying about i decided to make a special "setting" for the stamp and had a lot of fun just picking whatever felt good.
I thought in the empty space above I might put some words...but have not decide what they will be yet.
What do you think?  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Decorating an Envelope

Footlites, Ninja Stars, Warangale, Dyon, CO2

Been kinda busy this week so my "tangling" was just on an envelope!  I am collecting some samples of Zentangles from my classes to put in a show in February.   I love trying out new tangles and in this one the Ninja Stars and the Warangale are brand new to me.  I love how the CO2 can explode out of any area....very fun.