Monday, December 24, 2012

Bloom, Ixorus, IX, Cadent, Striping, Auraknot,  Betweed, Paradox, Cubine, ,Jester

These two bookmarks are Christmas surprise gifts for two friends here at our park in Florida.  They got hung in a little Christmas bag on their door knob this morning.  I used some of most favorite tangles.  

I am never totally comfortable with "Betweed".  Somehow it is elusive to me.  But I like it and I like the way others use it so elegantly so I am going to keep trying it.  I love "Bloom" with the dark background and I have not used "Ixorus" for a long time and I'd forgotten how much I love that one.  Kind of a funky "Paradox" this time too.  All in all about an hour's work of delightful pleasure last night before I turned in. I know Barb and Alex will enjoy them as they are both avid readers.  

It is warm and humid here in central Florida on Christmas eve says 70 on the thermometer but feels warmer (overcast).  I've been puttering with last minute Christmas cooking in the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, etc as one does before guests arrive.  

Christmas eve service is at 5 at our church and when we get back the whole park with be filled with candle- lit luminaries.  It is magical.  (A neighbor lights ours for us.) In many ways I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day.  Once you are past the presents thing, you figure it out.  Merry Christmas.  

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