Wednesday, April 24, 2019

April Art

My Florida Sketch group gathered Tuesday in Mt. Dora on the little jetty that goes out in Lake Dora off Gilbert Park.  Absolutely gorgeous weather with lots of sun, shady trees, and no wind.  I brought my coffee and well, it's like heaven on days like these.  We ended up for lunch at a local Cuban restaurant.  Greg came too.
9x12 Strathmore mixed media notebook and Lamy fountain pen.

A little ink drawing of Greg's newest walker/stroller...while I listened to Dr. Nieves give a talk to the Essential Tremor Support group in the Villages.  

I treasure our days at the pool...we haven't really started our "count down" officially yet...but just for the record it's 24 days.  The ice is now off the lake up at our cabin.  But just barely off.  NO green there yet.  Southern WI has tulips and daffodils.  But the northern half is at least two weeks behind.  

My recent "littles" have included some a few interesting moments...we sold our canoe...we met old friends in Lakeland for lunch...we bought a new car...we had company for 5 days...I've read 3 books.    

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


This sketch was done at my husband's Support Group meeting for Essential Tremor this afternoon up in The Villages.  I like to sketch while I listen to people.  Dr Nieves is a motion disability specialist and is so good.  

I did this sketch in my Stillman and Birns notebook with a Lamy fountain pen (no pencil).  Just going slow and watching edges.  I love a challenge of trying to get the parts to come out in the right place when there is NO erasing.  Doesn't always work out.

This was a challenge with the hand brakes and then the brake lines down at the bottom.  Things I NEVER had noticed before.  That's what sketching does.  It reveals things you just do not notice.

The stroller/walker was partially closed up making it even a bit more challenging.  Anyway, an interesting challenge...about 30 minutes.  The Drive brand of walker/stroller is very popular with seniors around this park.  But they make them in all sizes.  One man we talked to his young daughter has one.  Which led us to learn that she has a birth defect.  It was a sobering revelation.  So hard to think of.  

Moving into April with some Sketches

I am starting my "littles" now on a new page...probably April and May events.  

My thought here to think of the places I sit in my FL house.  It's fun to associate what I do and what is important through chairs.  There are several more to add to the mix.  The stool got "wonky" in the drawing as it does have bend in the leg but that got off a bit.  But oh well.  

All these chairs are in my studio including the sofa.  I just included the place where I usually sit so I can see the pond and the birdbath and the sky.  The office chair is at my studio desk where I've spent so many happy hours.  The wonky stool is where I have my pens and inks and pencils.  The "mark-making" area I guess.  

We are prepping now for the arrival of our guests next Wed.  Greg's son and daughter in law and their two boys will be here for 4 days.  One of the days they will be to Universal studios.  Time to tidy up, make up the guest bed and plan some meals.  

They called this morning from the Milwaukee area and they are getting snow again!  😳. Oh dear.  Poor robins.  Poor tulips.  Well, at least Florida is going to look extra good to them.  

Friday, April 5, 2019

Bits and Pieces of my Recent days...

I think I forgot to post my "littles" for March 1-April 2.  Note the baby Sandhill Crane near the bottom on the right.  He is SO tiny next to his huge tall parents.  Such a delight to see.  Three books, an amazing swarm of swallows, a hail storm, taxes, etc.  Nice to look back on these days...some more delightful than others.  But all worthy of contemplation.  

A little pencil study of the gifts (and the gift bag) that each teacher in the art club received at the lunch given in our honor in March.
The little bit to the right is a handkerchief and in a fascinating little card.  I didn't know they still made real hankies!  To the left a little glass ball that hangs in your house with a small sprig of some air plant that you just spritz lightly once a week.  And hang out of direct sunlight.  How fun.  And a pretty towel.  

I used this little sketch of our dear old canoe to adorn the for sale sign that went up on the board in the hall.  We had two calls the first day!  Greg is meeting with someone in the morning to see if he would like it.  $25 plus two paddles and two life jackets!!!  It's a very good deal.