Wednesday, April 10, 2019


This sketch was done at my husband's Support Group meeting for Essential Tremor this afternoon up in The Villages.  I like to sketch while I listen to people.  Dr Nieves is a motion disability specialist and is so good.  

I did this sketch in my Stillman and Birns notebook with a Lamy fountain pen (no pencil).  Just going slow and watching edges.  I love a challenge of trying to get the parts to come out in the right place when there is NO erasing.  Doesn't always work out.

This was a challenge with the hand brakes and then the brake lines down at the bottom.  Things I NEVER had noticed before.  That's what sketching does.  It reveals things you just do not notice.

The stroller/walker was partially closed up making it even a bit more challenging.  Anyway, an interesting challenge...about 30 minutes.  The Drive brand of walker/stroller is very popular with seniors around this park.  But they make them in all sizes.  One man we talked to his young daughter has one.  Which led us to learn that she has a birth defect.  It was a sobering revelation.  So hard to think of.  

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  1. Beautiful drawing, such a challenge in ink , no going back lol,,,, and such flawless lines!