Sunday, August 8, 2021

So It Goes

I finished up this page in my illuminated journals today.  A jumble of experiences and memories.  Starting on May 25th with grandson, Mike's "virtual" graduation from 8th grade and ending with Greg's new glasses.  

In between a full month at the Northwoods cabin where one magical late afternoon we "swam with the loons".  Seriously...they just appeared among us while we were swimming on a warm windless afternoon at 5 in the evening.  Swimming in and around us and making small clucking noises.  We all went still with amazement.  They brought their baby.  What a magical moment.  I'll never forget it.  Loon whisperers.  And then, after about 10 minutes they dove down and were gone.  

The intricacies of a fancy fishing pole...the tongue in cheek sketch of a mouse trap (I set 12 every time I leave), the beauty of found feathers and a new bird, the calmness of an afternoon "tea time" on the dock with the grandkids, a farewell to an old boat that served us well for many years and now resides in Minnesota, the canoe rides in among the islands, and the BIG storm that took away our electricity for 24 hours with 6 people in the cabin!  Oh my. The remembrance of so many puzzles done on the summer porch, and then the sadness of having to have a tooth removed that was cracked and infected and unsaleable.  Gosh I had it for over 70+ years.  I hated to lose it!  And concluding with Greg's much needed new glasses!  

It was a good time.  We came back to Madison exhausted.  But are resting up and will go back up for 10 days the end of the month.  Not so long this time.  In between other family members will enjoy it.  

We are so disappointed in the Covid rise again that we just do not have words to express it.  It's actually even more complicated now because we feel conflicted about those people who have not been vaccinated that are putting us all at more risk.  So there is a sense of frustration and even anger involved now.  Facing masking and isolation again?  We are so sick of it.  Especially when it might have been prevented. 

The usually routines and fun activities which come with being in a lovely setting here at University Woods are in jeopardy too.  With gatherings being limited and masking again in common area.  There is a huge problem with hiring workers too.  We have not had enough servers apply for work here to open the restaurant.  That makes for more isolation for the folks who live here!    

We try to be out in the beautiful surroundings here as much as possible. As that helps the mood.  

Praying for safety and better days ahead.