Sunday, March 31, 2019

The last prompt

The last prompt: let your pencil randomly hit a letter and then think of something that starts with that letter.  T= Toast.  Perfect.

Four small sketches

This little sketch in my Stillman & Birns notebook is from a visit to friends Bill and Theresa.  They are HUGE bird lovers and I sketched these on their front porch before we went inside and saw their videos of humming birds from Arizona.  Fantastic!

One of many restaurant sketches. This was done at the Breakfast Station restaurant on the way up to the Villages for Greg's Essential Tremor Support Group meeting.  Great minestrone soup!  

A double page...two tiny sketches.  One from friend Autumn's wonderful porch overlooking the Palatlakaha River!  Lots of good conversation and sharing! Her flowers on the porch steps were gorgeous.  And then below another restaurant sketch from lunch at Bob Evans in Eustis during the Off The Beaten Path Art Tour on Saturday after the Rummage Sale at Hawthorne Park.  

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Prompt 30: Collections

Of course I draw collections all the time.  
So this prompt actually was harder because I went blank for a bit.

I mean I drew clocks and I drew shoes...things like that.  Multiples of things that we own is what the prompt is about.  

Candle holders used to be a big thing for me...I had a lot of them.  But downsizing happened.  You can't be carrying those all around.  So I am down to 4 sets.  And the tall green one is the only one now that has real meaning to me anymore. It was gift from my sister and my daughter Beth (Christmas I think) many many moons ago.  

I was so pleased.  And somehow I've managed to keep them (a pair) in tact!  After all these years.  Fun.  I love the green with red candles at Christmas.  The other shorter green one Greg bought after we saw a glass blowing demonstration at a glass store.  I don't think this one was blown.  But we wanted something to remember the nice event.  At least that is my recollection.  The others are garage sale finds here in Florida.  

Usually by now, the prompt is out for the next day.  But the administrator of the FB group is keeping is in dark about the last prompt until tomorrow.  

Which is my son's birthday!  
So I shall have to try to call him and wish him a happy day!  

Friday, March 29, 2019

Prompt 28 and 29

This prompt is really a little different than MY interpretation.  
By the time you get to the 28th prompt you begin to makes your own decisions on how it's going to go!  So the prompt is to "go shopping and show us what was in your bag".  Well, no shopping for me on the oranges...just out the door to the back yard.  And I loved remembering a dear friend who wove the basket too.  
From a distance, because they are so green, they don't read as oranges, I know.  But FL juice oranges do not turn orange.  

One of my favorite quotes.  It is from Victor Hugo.  (Victor Marie Hugo was a French poet, novelist, and dramatist of the Romantic movement. Hugo is considered to be one of the greatest and best-known French writers. Outside France, his most famous works are the novels Les Misérables, 1862, and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, 1831.). 

In his quote the bird is actually referred to as feminine.  As in "her" flight and "she has wings".  But I forgot and drew a male cardinal.  So I did a little translation.  It's all about faith.  

We are obviously now coming to the conclusion of the March prompt.  Some people in the group of about 50 artists, are whining about it being over.  But I am ready.  Time for me to make observations on my own again.  But I did enjoy it.  

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Prompt #27 plus studio organizing

The prompt yesterday was to draw a layout of a room.  I ended up thinking about the house I grew up in.  I ended up posting it on my FB page which drew a lot of interest among family and friends.  And other folks checking in with what they remember about where the grew up as well.  Tender memories.  

It's amazing that I haven't lived in that house for 66 years but I can still remember where we put the Christmas tree, where the wasp stung me in the kitchen one summer, and how the morning glories looked climbing up the house near the kitchen window.  I remember the upstairs window overlooking the croquet games in the evening, where mother kept the box of our curls tied in ribbons that were our first haircuts, sitting on the stoop with our trading cards... the smell of the apple blossoms in the orchard next door, the sound of the corn rustling in dad's garden, the picket fence by the lilac bush, the sidewalk where we chalked the hop scotch and the driveway where we put our handprints in the cement one summer day and all those elm trees that later died and had to be replanted due to Dutch elm disease.  I could go on and on.  What a great prompt.    

This little sketch is done in my studio here in Florida of some of the materials I am putting together for a drawing class I am taking this summer in Wisconsin.  I believe "in making plans" and having things to look forward to.  Keeps the juices flowing.  The materials needed are simple...some different kinds of leads with varying hardnesses and a good eraser, a fine book of instruction, and good paper.  The classes start in June.  

I decided on a little inventory of some of the various pencils I already own include some charcoal pencils of various hardnesses and some carbon pencils which are almost as dark!  I am reminded that I own a few water soluble graphite pencils as well.  

Colored pencils are a whole other ballgame and not part of this class but as long as I was on a binge of pencils...I decided to inventory some of the "watercolor" pencils and crayons I own.  And that is not even touching the regular colored pencils (for another day).  

I am reminded of a little bit I saw in the internet recently which appears to apply here...

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Prompt: 26 Plus a bonus

So starting with the bonus...I completed the last two sections of this sketch page today with the sketch gang next door at friend Pete's home.  About 7 of us.  Beautiful weather.

I think this one speaks for itself.  The prompt was paint some candles to inspire an "intention".  It's been interesting to see how that prompt is being understood by various people in the group. But I enjoyed this one.  

5 more prompts to go.  

Monday, March 25, 2019

Challenge #24 and #25

Prompt: Put things that make you smile on a shelf.

Prompt: a recipe

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Prompts 20, 21, 22 and 23

Prompt: Show something you think is perfect.

Prompt:  Put "soup" in a glass soup pot and describe.

Draw an imaginary window with some things inside. 
(Mine turned out to be a lovely imaged studio window.)

Prompt: Envelope
As you can see from directions...this is an easy way
to create a lovely and intriguing envelope!  

I am now working on the back side of this accordion sketchbook...
working my way to #31.  8 more prompts.  We are closing in on this project!  

I was up in Plant City, FL today with Greg for the annual model train show there and did a tiny sketch there while he hunted for bargains.  Then we stopped to visit some new friends and enjoyed the afternoon with them.  I did a quick sketch on their front porch in Bushell, FL.  I'll post those tomorrow.  

We came home tired but happy.  It was a perfect weather day.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Prompt 17, 18 and 19

Of course, this prompt involved mixing so many greens that I ran out of room and had to hand some leaves 3-D in the book!  

This prompt had to do with symmetry and ellipse.  I bought this pretty pottery vase up north and brought it down.  You can see I am doing okay on the symmetry but not as well with ellipses which are of course, circles in perspective.  

So here we are working on perspective and ellipse.  Draw a bird bath.  A few of the European members of the FB group did not know what a bird bath was!!!  This is actually MY birdbath outside the studio window.  I decided to use Sketch and Wash pencil for this.  A few people did not know what a "sketch and wash" pencil was.  You can google that if you don't know.  They are really a cool pencil to use as it is water soluble graphite.  

This morning when I went out to get the paper in the drive way I found myself immersed in a flock of swallows heading north.  Barn or Tree Swallows...I don't know which.  I mean a HUGE flock...swirling all around our area and making those amazing synchronized shapes as they swirl up and down from the trees.  I was mesmerized.  Stood there for 15 minutes watching them form and re-form and sometimes I was almost in the middle of the flock as they reformed around me and then swirled up into the sky.  I have never seen these except in videos.  What a blessing.  Made my day!  

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Prompt 16 and my March Littles

The prompt for March 16 was to create two triadic bits and two split complimentary bits.  The instructions were to divide page into 4 and use an object on a table so that you had 3 things to paint in each section.  A bowl was suggested but I've never been one to follow instructions exactly.  This required a look at a color wheel to complete.  

I am continuing on sporadically with my "littles" for March.  It's fun to see other sketches who do this now beginning to see some signs of spring (remote signs).  I know in Wisconsin the signs are pretty rare yet.  Mostly more rain than snow which I guess is a step up?  Incidentally my washer got fixed promptly.  Need to get to the pool again soon but this week looks cloudy and a little rain.  So am not sure when.  And temps are hanging around 70 for highs this week which is not quite pool-like.  Back to 80 next weekend.  

Friday, March 15, 2019

Prompt #15 and a side sketch on "waiting"

The prompt for this was to think of yourself as an "illustrator" for a day.  Look through a magazine and consider illustrating something you read about.  I came upon this horrific figure in Oprah's April magazine (borrowed on line from the library by the way).  The whole issue is devoted to the environment (Earth Day).  The plastic crisis is really beginning to gag me.  The issue of it getting into our waterways and oceans is beyond awful.  

Small sketch done while waiting in a doctor's office.  And then thinking about how much waiting we all do.  Finding ways to make waiting more meaningful.  One way is to carry a sketchbook. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Prompt # 13 and 14

The prompt, obviously, is to chart some of the blues that you own...mostly in watercolor but I added 4 colored pencil blues as well.  I nice relaxing prompt without too much creativity.  

So this prompt was to follow up with the alphabet letters.  We already did the first 6 and now here are the next 6.  I had a terrible time with this prompt.  I am an observational sketching, drawer, painter and so just dreaming up stuff is okay if it's abstract.  But to dream up stuff that looks recognizable out of my head is just too nuts for me.  After about 6 different tries, this ended up crazy but the best I could come up with.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Prompt 11 and 12 for the Face Book Challenge

The prompt was simply "mailbox" this time but I found myself interested in all the mailboxes I've ever had.  But I'd need a couple pages for that.  

The prompt for this was "layer cake" but make it a surprise...and not necessarily edible.  So I got to thinking of a cake that would be great to handle the whole know fireworks, balloons, presents, confetti, banners, flowers, etc. I suggest you separate the layers before slicing this cake.  
Mostly watercolor but a few pens for some added pizazz.  
The cake is based on a Zentangle design called "narwal".  
That was fun.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

March Prompts for Day 9 and 10

My accordion book is beginning to look a bit busier these days with the first 10 days of the March challenge completed.  Day #9 and Day #10 are below.  

The prompt was simply "gate" and I found this one on line which tickled my fancy. Later I thought of another gate I would have enjoyed painting.  (I wonder if any one will paint St. Peter's gate?)

The prompt for today, as it says, was find a gadget. This one which is pretty fun and easy to draw (but definitely not something one HAS to have, is a mouth atomizer that puts a wonderful spray of paint on your paper.  I used pre-mixed Dr. Martin's watercolor paint for this demo.  You can see an actual demo of how this works here:

I've had mine for years and years.  When I went to look up this special kind it was $35-$65!!!  OMGosh.  I know I didn't spend that kind of money to buy it originally.  There are very cheap imitations but I read that don't work as well.  But it would be hard for me to recommend you spend that much unless you really thought you'd use this a lot.  

Today is the big art show (I've been there most of the morning helping to set up) and I think it's the neatest show we've had so far. Just amazingly beautiful work!  Table art...sculpture, carving, stained glass, china painting, etc.  and then photography, hanging arts in all mediums (over 100 pieces) and a quilt show with a demo that people are going to love!!!  My sketching special exhibit looks nice and two friends who are book makers have brought their handmade books to share.  

I came home to have lunch and change clothes.  The art club members are wearing black and white for the show (with red roses pinned on). 

I'll try to take a few photos to share tomorrow.
I hope we get a good turnout...I had 250 programs printed up and sometimes people recycle them. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The March Madness Prompt Challenge

These two are done in my accordion folding sketchbook dedicated to the online Face Book Sketchers group for the month of the March.  You'll see colorful washi tape on the edge of one of the pages where I connected two pieces of paper.  I make my own washi tape, you'll remember.  If you are interested just go to the side bar on this blog to the labels and look for "washi tape".  The instructions are right there.  

It's worth noting that the "rock" prompt came because the moderator of our group (who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has a gallery there) had a break-in at her gallery...someone threw a rock through the door and broke the glass.  I hear that she did not suffer any loss as the perpetrator was apprehended before he could actually get through the door.  She had a good alarm system that went off.  Just a huge mess, police and insurance reports etc.  She was unable to post her usual evening prompt and she wrote the group and decided quickly that "rocks" would be the prompt.  
We all liked the prompt despite the reason!  

Today's prompt is "gates".  Sometimes it's a one word prompt.
So you'll see that sometime soon.  I have not done a prompt journal since October and in that one I just did Zentangles®.  So this has been sort of fun.  

The big art show here at Hawthorne park is I am now packing up materials and supplies and paintings.  Need to get a move on early tomorrow morning as Greg will need the car to get to church and I need to start setting up the display promptly.  Hurry hurry.  If you live in the area the show is open to the public...1-4.  Type "100 Hawthorne Avenue" into your GPS.  
Weather is lovely here this weekend...83 today and 86 tomorrow.  Sunny!  

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sketch Books on a Theme

This is from my miscellaneous Stillman & Birns 5.5 x 7 notebook.

This journal is slightly smaller than the one above.  It is an accordion folding journal...from the challenge online.  

I have started a March "littles" as I am quite loving jotting things as they happen to pop up.  Birds, books, flowers and things that I am doing.  Just paying attention.  

Getting ready for the park's big art show on Sunday now.  1-4 and I have a special table for sketch related things.  

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sketching in Brownwood

We were at Brownwood, one of the town squares in The Villages, this morning for a few hours.  I had a lot of fun sketching and then we went out to lunch.  

The center sketch is a sewer cover from the middle of the street!  
They have their own sewer covers?  What a crazy place!!!

We came home to take a nap.  Wore us out.  
Not so much the walking...but the was 85 on the street.  But there was a little breeze.  FL will get a cool down later this week...nothing like up north of course.  Lac du Flambeau will be -14 tomorrow night.  That's pretty cold for March!  
And they have had more snow and drifting.

We'll drop to a high of 60 on Wed which will feel cool to us after all these 80 degree days!  But warm again by next weekend.  
Greg continues to slowly improve from his bronchitis.

Friday, March 1, 2019

March Madness Challenge

I finished my page called "Life in General" and it took me through much of February...although I skip around and sketch in as the mood strikes me.  I've started another one but will wait until that is farther along to post.  

One of my FaceBook sketch groups has started a March challenge...nothing huge...just some "prompts" for each day of the month.  You sketch and post if you can.  Day one was to create a first page or a cover for where you plan to put the challenge sketches.  This cover is about 6"x 8" roughly and the cover print is one of my gelli prints, of course, just glued to cardboard (front and back).  Then I folded wc paper to make an accordion sketchbook for the challenge and glued it to the inside of the covers, attaching with my home made washi tape where needed.  

The prompt for tomorrow is to sketch your favorite mug, tea cup, or coffee cup enhancing as you wish.  I ALWAYS start my journals with my coffee mug so this is appropriate.  

Greg's bronchitis is still with us, gradually improving.  Saw the dr again yesterday.  Still on meds.  But he made it to the pool for a nice swim and to the hot tub.  So he is gradually getting out and getting a little exercise again.   We are so anxious for this to be over.  But it just hangs on!  

Weather has been fantastic--83 most days.  We are in shock at how cold it has been up where our summer cabin is.  -16 yesterday!  Oh no.  We will have a slight cool down Tues and Wed but very temporary and I mean we'll have a high of 60.  That will seem cold to us!  But back to 83 by next weekend again.  Azaleas and orange trees are in bloom.