Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Congratulations Leslie!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I posted this painting by Leslie Johnson during the winter. She was in my acrylic paper painting class last fall and finished up the painting later.

I just got this message from her today...

Ginny, I just had to let you know that I submitted my artwork from your Workshop last year, the painted paper acrylic collage/painting, to the Eagle River (WI) Revitalization Project, Artscape, and it was selected and sponsored by Ogren Electronics for this summer long event! I believe 40 were selected. They took the artwork from each entry, blew it up to be reproduced on 24” x 51” banners that will hang on Wall and

Railroad Streets from Memorial Day until Veterans Day! The project will also be showcasing the art and artists in full color brochures and on posters and promoted as a walking tour . I am so excited! Leslie

I am so proud of Leslie!!! Well done and I can hardly wait to go to Eagle River to see the banners this summer! Nothing makes a teacher happier than successful students!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Telling a Story

Some paintings tell a story or hint at a story. When I painted the old train depot in Winter Garden, Fl earlier this month (en plein air) I could not help but be amused by the contrast between the history of the museum and the children being given their "train ride" right up to the door.

I decided to add an older man in the painting just to maybe give the idea that he was also amused by the contrast or maybe thinking of other days?

Any ideas for a title for the painting?
Watercolor and ink on canvas. 12 x 16.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sketch book at Key West

For some reason these photos of my sketch book seem a little on the yellow tint. Sorry about that. Anyway...the first sketch is down on Mallory Square where we ate dinner by the gulf the first night.

The second is the view from our lovely little porch overlooking the pool and portico at Hyatt Sunset West.

The third & fourth are Fort Zachary Taylor on the gulf beach...just a lovely spot. Greg and I walked 3 miles round trip and so enjoyed being there. I do wish we had brought or worn our suits! The water was 80 and it was so nice. The fruit smoothies were good too!

I took a lot of photo reference shots that I will enjoy thinking over in the months ahead!

Unfortunately I got back to Leesburg (a day's drive north of Key West) with a pretty bad chest cold and cough. I have been to the doctor and she has me on meds for it. I feel better today but am not sleeping well so am tired. Boo hoo. Whine whine.
I have not been sick in so long I forgot what it is like! Taking it easy today. 90 in central Florida.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mario Sanches: primitive art of Key West

"Mario does his bas relief wood sculpture with three chisels and his painting with dime store brushes. He does not study art as it might effect his style."

The Key West Art Museum has a great exhibit of Mario's work along with information on how he carved and painted his relief paintings.

He used natural materials in his work like coffee grounds and egg shells for texture. A real "mixed media" artist of his day!

The top one shows the cigar making industry and also shows a "reader" who was hired to read to the people working there. He read news articles to them in the morning and a book by chapters in the afternoons. Not a bad idea for people doing somewhat mindless work in pre-air conditioning days!

Mario died at 96 in 2005 and leaves a legacy of the early history of the keys! I found the work quite interesting!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is this art? The controversial J. Seward Johnson

Just coming off an amazing week in Key West...part of which included a visit to the main art and history museum featuring some of Seward Johnson Jr's mixed media displays. I hesitate to call them "art" and as you will see if you check out this site.

But it is certainly not dull reading!

This interactive display is, of course, based on Gustave Caillebotte's wonderful work called Paris Street: Rainy Day 1877. I have seen this painting many times at the Art Institute in Chicago. More on the trip, some of the sketchbook sketches and beautiful photos in the next few days.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

En Plein Air in Winter Garden

I worked this morning on the old train station and train museum in Winter Garden, FL. By noon it was 91 degrees with high humidity.

The committee provides us with umbrellas and there was a light breeze.

Next week when I get back from Key West I'll see about finishing this up.
Watercolor on canvas.