Friday, October 26, 2012

Friends Help Show Off Todays Zentangles®

Snood, Paradox Knightsbridge, Fengle, Hurry

Elven, Beelight, Chillon, Circfleur, Sabi

Today's Zentangle® were experimenting with a few new patterns found in Joy of Zentangle.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Walking Demo

Fine Art Open House: Ginny doing Zentangle demo

Zentangle Demo using small dry marker board

We had a nice group turn out at the art room this afternoon. There were demos of China Painting, Clay, Acrylics and Pastels, Egg decorating, and Watercolor.  I had at least 8 people actually sit down and make a book mark with 3 Zentangle patterns on it.  Several people signed up for the two classes.  The Nov 8 is full and I have a second class on Nov 29 that is filling up fast.

My apron was a hit.  And it's helpful to be able to point to the pattern that we are working on too.  I am a "walking demo".  

Just got my new Joy of Zentangle book this week.  Can't wait to sit down and go through it.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I did finally finish up the apron.  Sigh.
It was totally fun.
BUT I must add that I probably won't be doing another one!  Hahaha.
I figure 5-6 hours on this all totaled.  But spaced out over several weeks when I was traveling and so it was good entertainment!  

My hubby said, "NO spaghetti sauce on that one!"  Oh my gosh!  I cringe thinking of that.  No, this is just for Zentangle classes.  

I figure there are at least 30 different patterns on this one.  The top half are the more "organic" ones that I particularly like such as "feather fall and "BTL Joos".  The bottom half the more "architectural" ones that require more straight lines.  Although I guess "Auraknot" in the center is somewhat organic?  I plan to spray the apron lightly with clear acrylic spray because I did shade with graphite on it and it might help keep that from smearing.  I do not know what would happen if I washed it?  

I bought this generic apron at online and had it delivered to the nearest WalMart for pick up (so no shipping charge).  They keep it at the layaway desk for 14 days.  If you don't pick it up, no charge.  It came in a package of 3 aprons for about $11.  I may decide to paint an acrylic one some day or use fabric paint or try something else with the other two.  

Incidentally, in the very center of the bib you can see a tiny dot of red?  That is actually a Zentangle Pin that I did last summer.  I found it at a garage sale and painted it with white acrylic paint, sanded it, and then put Zentangles on it.  I decided that it would be a good spot to show it off!  The pin came with several little glass sparkly beads on it and I left those on for a little jazz.  

I taught my sister how to do some Zentangles on our trip through NC this fall and when I did the "fringe" pattern (like across the top of the bib) I told her I didn't know the name of it.  So she dubbed it "french fries".  VERY good name. So that is what I call it.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Well, back to Florida.
AHHHH.  85 and sunny every day!.

Had a little time to continue on with "the" apron last night.  The bottom half is done.  

Above that and below the printing I plan some "organic" pattens like "feather fall".  Am going to think about how to arrange those.  

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cabin Sketch

Did a little sketch today en plain air of the cabin in NC.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paintings Have a New Home

It!s lovely to have your work appreciated.
There is just something validating about artwork you have created reaching out and touching someone else.

That's how I felt yesterday when my friend, Ann, dropped by and took a few of my paintings home. I am holding "Parallel Universe" which is one she picked. It was so much fun to have a visit with a dear friend I had not seen in a long time! Thanks Ann. have a good winter!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Starting to Tangle an Apron

You knew it would come to this. Didn't you?
Again this is not an original idea.
Sandy Bartholomew has a fantastic one on her blog!

This is not nearly so beautiful! It is designed to show off some of my more favorite tangle patterns. I have two spots left to tangle on the lower half and ran out of a steam for today.

I drew a line across the middle and am working now on filling the bottom half.
I am thinking about doing something a little different on the top half featuring more "organic" tangles like Feather fall and Mooka, etc I will insert either my name or the word Zentangles on the bib.

I ordered the white canvas aprons 3/$11 at and then picked them up at a local store so no shipping charge.

We are out to dinner now with my daughter's family.

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Following other blogs

I know. This a snake and a Zentangle. Not my snake. Not my tangle.
Designed to Create is one of the blogs I follow. Zach is a design student from Texas. He posts his tangles in strange places. His work is totally amazing. You will find his blog off on the right side under "blogs I follow".
Just click on Designed to Create and read his fun posts. Be sure to go back and look at some previous posts. It is one of the most creative blogs I've found!

And I definitely have to find more interesting ways to display my Zentangles!
He has also made a time lapse YouTube video
And it is really worth watching!!!!

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Zentangles on the Road

I had a little time last night while my hobby was sorting through some garage sale finds, to try to more tangles. The left an attempt at a pinwheel (there have been some challenges on the topic lately and they have been so beautiful...just had to give it a first shot.) The one on the right is more "tree-like" string. Margaret Bremmer has been experimenting with this and so I give her full credit for this idea! Because I am posting from my iPad the photos are fairly small. I am not sure but you might be able to click on the. To enlarge? I am currently in SE Wisconsin on the first leg of our trip south to Florida. It is COLD here and we woke up to 38 degrees.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Zentangle and a Reproduction

Opus, Paradox, Drupe, Laces, Kunstler, Hurry, Onamato, Ixorus, Gingham, W2, Knightbridge, Lacy, Brayd 
Full painting
Here is an example of ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) done on a reproduction of an original painting.  So...the painting is a reproduction of a painting of hydrangeas I did some time ago.  BUT the tangles on it are original....kind of like a "re-marking" of the print that some painters do.  

After I cropped the photo to show the close up I really fell in love with the cropped version!  It would make a lovely card too.  It would be interesting to see how buyers would react to this idea...part reproduction, part original! I am wondering if I should re-sign the work somewhere?  What do you think?  Maybe just initial it?  

Naturally it is better to tangle an original...but I do think this has some merit as well and gives you some practice in what works and what doesn't.  I could not enter this into a show that requires original work only, of course.  It's a shame to put all that work into something that you can't show!  So I don't know how often I would do this.

I may not be able to post again for awhile...although hopefully I can post from my iPad as I travel.  We will leave Thursday now, unless we get hung up on the closing routine.  Weather looks just awful toward the end of the week and I've pretty much talked my hubby into the day early departure!!  We plan to be in Florida by Oct 14.  Lots of adventures ahead.  See ya soon.