Monday, October 1, 2012

Zentangle and a Reproduction

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Full painting
Here is an example of ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) done on a reproduction of an original painting.  So...the painting is a reproduction of a painting of hydrangeas I did some time ago.  BUT the tangles on it are original....kind of like a "re-marking" of the print that some painters do.  

After I cropped the photo to show the close up I really fell in love with the cropped version!  It would make a lovely card too.  It would be interesting to see how buyers would react to this idea...part reproduction, part original! I am wondering if I should re-sign the work somewhere?  What do you think?  Maybe just initial it?  

Naturally it is better to tangle an original...but I do think this has some merit as well and gives you some practice in what works and what doesn't.  I could not enter this into a show that requires original work only, of course.  It's a shame to put all that work into something that you can't show!  So I don't know how often I would do this.

I may not be able to post again for awhile...although hopefully I can post from my iPad as I travel.  We will leave Thursday now, unless we get hung up on the closing routine.  Weather looks just awful toward the end of the week and I've pretty much talked my hubby into the day early departure!!  We plan to be in Florida by Oct 14.  Lots of adventures ahead.  See ya soon.  

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  1. Ginny these are spectacular! I adore, ADORE hydarangeas. Congratulations, they are beuatiful!