Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kitchen Table Tangles and more

3.5" tiles

It's been awhile since I've been "organized" enough to get back to some of my challenges.  This one (The Diva's Challenge) is a weekly challenge that Laura now says has been going on for 300 weeks.  THAT is a lot of challenges.  She does now and then use a guest challenger on her blog but she still has to plan and organize it.  So she's been committed to this for like forever!  

The first tile is about a new feature that the founders of Zentangle® have started called "Kitchen Table Tangles" where they demonstrate some new technique or idea on a video.  A weaving of Diva Dance and Paradox is the result.  That is this week's challenge...to do our own weaving.  The link will show you the the entire video.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and plan to relax.  

The second tangle, which should have been posted for last week's challenge, is a tribute to Laura's son.  Laura tells her very emotional story about how Zentangle kept her from falling "off the edge" after the birth of her second son, a premie who was diagnosed with a rare abnormal condition called Moebius Syndrome.  I was able to hear Laura tell about this in person at my own CZT training (CZT 15) in Providence a few years ago.  Each year she asks us to do a challenge using the symbols and colors of the condition.  (Thus I've added a little purple which is color attached to it.) 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Steampunk Festival January 28

Stillman and Birns  Beta Sketchbook

It's rather hard to describe "steampunk" if you are not familiar with it.  Words like "retro", time-travel, industrial, come to mind.
The photos inserted into my journal are taken at the festival yesterday in hopes that, like my clever friend Susan, I'll do some figure sketches from the photos later.  

These are not performers.  These are "attendees" at the festival.  About one out of every 20 people there was in some sort of "costume" peculiar to what "steampunk" followers like to wear.  A combination of "back to the future" and "Mad Max" would be my description with a slightly darker element wearing gas masks and plague masks and weapons that looks like they have been made from odds and ends and might shoot ping pong balls.  I enjoyed the fact that this was not a particular to any age group.  Folks anywhere from 16 to 90 came dressed up and enjoying themselves. Some children were there too.  

Top hats and goggles were the main costume.  Which is why I chose to sit and sketch them.  These were $75!   Booths were selling retro items...mainly rusty bits and pieces you might use in some way.  Hubby bought a retro glass lampshade for his train room. Or costumes were available you could buy.  You also found time machines (pictured in the top right) made VERY cleverly with old satellite dishes and gorgeous designs painted on them...imaginary bicycles and train engines...almost life size, tables and chairs made of wrenches and tools soldered together, etc.

So I am of a mind of people who like to do Civil War re-enactiments or Renaissance festivals where people come with gowns and swords.  This is somewhat like that only these are actually more creative.  

"Cog is Dead" was one of the bands that played and I interviewed the lead singer who was selling his CDs before the band went on and he explained the name is due to the fact that timepieces no longer have mechanical parts...they are all digital now.  No cogs anymore.  And the band mourned this loss of cogs.  Also I think "Cog is Dead" is a play on the old "God is Dead" movement of the past.  We didn't get into that.  Actually the band was pretty good.

The weather could have been better...mostly overcast all day with a few peeks of sunshine...temps hung around 60 with a slight breeze that kept everyone in jackets. No one complained (except whiner-me who likes 80.)  And the festival was supposed to continue on today but it is raining steadily at 8 am Sunday morning so it will surely depend on how that plays out.  I am so glad went yesterday! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A re-do on the Mote Morris House

wc and ink on Multi Media paper: Strathmore

Here is a little re-do of the Mote Morris house drawn from the photo I took.

I still have a lot to practice on architecture...but the thing is to keep trying.  Took an online class from Craftsy this fall and I like going back to that.  Jim Richards I think is his name.  He has a lot of interesting tips like how to keep your buildings from leaning in one direction (which often happens to me).  Uh oh.  

Also trying lots of pens.  This sketch was done with Faber-Castell Pitt pens...a fine and a brush.  So many pens are not waterproof ink. These are.  

Hoping to get out again next week although it seems a VERY busy one and the pollen is beginning to float around which is going to make me sneezy and stuffed.  We are in a string of unbelievably lovely weather for January!  Close to 80 every day.

Hope you are no where near the ice storms!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Urban Sketching in Leesburg, FL: Mote Morris House

8 x 10 watercolor on Multi Media paper

Sketch before color

Enjoying a gorgeous 78 degree morning.

We had 12 artists show up today to paint in Leesburg.  
Wonderful to see so many talented folks.  We started around 10 and had lunch at 12:30 at Blooms.  Some folks stayed on to paint on the streets of the town in the afternoon.  

My Palette

My palette colors follow Brenda Swenson's palette...mostly. Most of them are Daniel Smith brand.  Leaf Green, Hansa Yellow, Raw Sienna, Quin Gold, Winsor Orange (Winsor Newston), Scarlet Lake, Aliziran Crimson, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Violet, Ultra Marine Blue, Cobalt, Antwerp, Cerelean, Bamboo, Viridian, Quinn Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Magnetite (a granular black).  

You can follow Brenda' blog here.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Poster Child

large poster 4' by 4' on foam core painted with black Gesso

4' x 4' foam core poster

I found a really nice use for some of my gelli prints this week.  I got asked to make two posters for the Lake County Florida Fundraiser being put on by the Women for Hospice.  They put on a luncheon here at our park in late January each year.

The theme this year is "Empty Your Purse for Hospice".  The co-chair have asked people to donate flat bottom purses in order to put a vase of flowers in each one as centerpieces for the tables.
The posters continue the theme.  

In these photos I have not yet glued the papers to the foam core.
Actually they look a lot more professional once glued down.  I added a few tweaks with white opaque pens.  The purses have some "bling" on them with buttons, ribbons, fake rhinestones, and lace.  The toy money is "spilling out" as donations.  So they are ready for pick up on Monday.  

I painted both sides of the foam core with black gesso.  I had hoped to do just one side but the whole thing warped pretty badly.
So I had to do both sides to get it to flatten out. I probably spent a good 6 hours all told putting these two together.  Not counting the dry time between things.  

But it is for a good cause.

Boy we are getting a cold spell here in central FL tonight.  A direct result of the horrible midwest cold and storms up north.
And the Chicago area will have bitter cold the next two days...tomorrow night they will be zero.  So that means we will plunge for two nights too...we'll be 44 tonight and 33 tomorrow night.  Whew...have to bring my hanging plants in tomorrow night.  My sister has snow in South Carolina!  But then we make a huge swing back up almost immediately with 80 for a high on Thursday.  Whew...that is better.  

Homes down here are not geared for bitter cold. We don't have insulation and thermo pane windows or serious central heat.  What is killing us tonight is the bitter cold north wind.  Bringing wind chills way down.  I've even pulled the drapes on the windows on that side of the house.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Little Tangling

8.5 x 11

A little tangle fun...using some new tangles and a few more that just seemed right.  Felt they looked better in black and white this time.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Urban Sketching on a Gorgeous FL afternoon

The Tropic in Leesburg
10 x 12 Moleskin

A beautiful afternoon...just snuck downtown to meet Lee Kline and another friend to do a little sketch.  This is the old Tropic Theater.  Fun.