Friday, July 31, 2015

Tangle a Day calendar

I am really fond of this version of Hollibaugh!
(See July 22)
I think it's very dynamic and yet so easy I could teach it to beginners!  

Srewolf is a nice organic tangle too.  
Believe it or not I am actually just about caught up and need to finish July 31 and will be on top of my calendar!

I am talking to email friends today about the "untimely" arrival of August!  Hahaha.  But it always seems that way.  School stuff is all out at WalMart already, of course, and I am just getting really comfortable on the pier!  Sigh.  Stores like Ben Franklin and Michaels are moving their stock around to make room for Christmas already.  Whatever happened to Halloween?  

Sigh.  I am still hoping for some SUMMER…as I have a ton of company coming up in August.  I am okay with flannel shirts but they are hoping for swimming in the lake!  Uh oh weather whining again.  

Gelli plate printing fun with Stickers and Rollers

Self stick Gelli plate prints

I have been finding these CD/DVD labels at garage sales for cheap lately.  They make fun self stick prints for putting on stationary or bags or collages.  Very cool.  Pulling them off creates little gems of color/design!  I am thinking they will be totally fun to Zentangle around as well!  Buying round labels at Office Depot is expensive.  Keep your eye out at thrift shops and garage sales for them.  

Roller prints for all your printing needs!

This little plastic rolling pin was $1 find at the Dollar Store this past week.  I think I am going back to pick up a few more!  I am using self stick foam (from Michaels or WalMart) to cut designs to put on the pin and then you roll out your print/design either on paper or right on the Gelli plate!  (You can see I've been using a turquoise paint.)  Cynthia showed me how to do this last year on her home made rolling pins…but this is easier!  

The circles are from a "sink drainer" also from the Dollar Store.  I still have the rest of the roller to decorate but have not had time to get back to it yet.  I am using fun scissors with blade designs for cutting the foam and hole punches.  

I applied double stick carpet tape on the roller first to adhere the plastic circles.  Then covered the sticky part of the tape still showing with a little mat medium.  Seems to be working just fine.  
That double sided carpet tape is VERY tacky and useful to making all kinds of stamps.  And not expensive!  

Just got back from 4 day trip to MN and we had a lovely time.
Cool here in the north woods again…low 70s and the issue lately has not been rain but rather WIND.  Seems so windy every day and that makes for discomfort on the lake and pier even though the temps are not bad.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gelli paper for a frame...

6 x 8" picture frame

So on the Gelli Arts Facebook page (with over 3,000 members by the way) I found reference to someone doing a frame for a bulletin board in a similar way to this.  

These are Gelli printed deli paper strips put on with mat medium.  Then when totally dry I coated it with gloss varnish.  

Would be darling for a mirror I think.  Using the frame with a painting would be trickier, but you could use deli paper in colors that complimented the painting?
Doing the mitered corners was a little tricky but you get the hang of it after doing one.  Just a reminder of some of the "craftier" sides of Gelli paper.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Aluminum Foil Embossing

5 x 7 journal cover with foil

I cannot remember where I read about someone covering their journal cover with heavy duty aluminum foil.  I sure wish I could find the reference again.  But hubby and I were sitting on the screen porch yesterday listening to the PBS "story a day" and I brought out a piece and using a small clockmaker's tool I picked up for 25 cents, I did some Zentangle® patterns on the foil.  (With a soft magazine underneath).  Probably an old ball point pen would work too.  

The thing I couldn't remember was what the technique called to do next…somehow color was added to the foil that highlighted the design.  I "think" they used alcohol inks which I don't have.  So I will need to experiment more with this.  I ended up sprinkling the foil with "Brusho" which is fine paint powder that explodes into action when you spritz it with water.  Then when dry I sprayed it with clear acrylic to hopefully waterproof it.  Added some of my home made "washi" tape just for a little more pizzaz.  

I need a tutorial on Brusho.  Anyone know where to find one?

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Power of One (framed)

original painting is about 11 x 14, Collage of hand painted paper and paint.

I have posted this image before, but now it is framed and going into a show.  The title is "The Power of One" and it is inspired by the courage of people who take a stand... who know that one person CAN make a difference and are not deterred by the thought of "what can one person do?" Instead they set out to do what they can.  

The composition reflects what Gerald Brommer calls "opposing forces".  I originally started it out as a simple project in working with a "non objective composition" series.  I used my hand-painted Gelli print papers, ink and and paint.  Ended up I resonated with the piece.  Don't know if it will resonate with others but it will be one of the paintings in the newest Howard Young Hospital Art Show in Woodruff, WI starting next week.
I will have a total of 4 in the show.  Stop by if you are in the north woods.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Best of Show

Being chosen for Best of Show in any art show is just so exciting.
I was particularly delighted to get this award last night at the Manito Art Show in Manitowish Waters, WI.  It is one of the most delightful shows of the season in the north woods.  

The show had over 200 pieces with art in fiber, wood, sculpture, paint, encaustic, mixed media, and more.  Really fun to walk through.  The reception last night was catered and had live harp music as well as presentation of scholarship awards.  

I also had another piece sell which was a delight as well.
The judge was Thomas Fleming, professor of Art at UW Marathon County in Wausau.  He wrote a very very nice review of the painting that I thought you might enjoy reading.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Journals and Gellis and Zentangle..oh no!

Self stick name tag  2 x 3"

collage on regular size 4 x 6 note card with book mark

Inside of card with Gelli print stenciling

Journal Prompt #29 "Bridges"

I hope I am not duplicating a post here…I had this little pile sitting by the computer that seemed to say "post me".  After I did, I thought "hmmmm…"  Well, the name tag and the journal prompt were done today…so I know I have not posted them at least!

The journal prompt was really a hard one for me.
Something about it didn't click for me.
The author wanted us to think about "magic wands" and goals and then what would the "bridge" to these goals look like.
Some of the quote were about "pixie dust".  All metaphors of course, but they were not clicking for me.  I think I am too old for pixie dust. Hahaha.  

But the bridge to goals did have more resonance for me and I ended up sketching a rope swinging bridge…yikes.  A metaphor for slow and careful courageous journeys?  The map bits and the swirling ink on the bit of Gelli print paper show many paths, and may detours and the idea of journey is good for me.  On the other side of the bridge is things I strive more of…more loving, more attentive, more empathy, more listening, more art, more healthy, etc.  

The nametag for my hubby above makes him a "walking billboard" tonight at the art reception.  He will advertise my upcoming Zentangle: part II class on Sept 2.  The 40 degrees last night up here got me to thinking of September again!!!

But we might be getting into the 80s this weekend?  
Let's hope so.  

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tangling over Acrylics

I have become rather fond of tangling over acrylics lately.
I use an apprentice pen for this.
The bright blue you see is acrylic paint that was painted on first.
I love that with that intensive hue, you can use charcoal for highlights similar to the Renaissance Tiles.  And graphite shading works very well too.  AND I am totally enjoying "ha-nuka" tangle!!!  I used two versions here.  

Heart line is embellished with paint from "sparkling H2O" paint.  Not visible with the scan but in real life it "shimmers".  

Friday, July 10, 2015

I haven't got a "CLUE"

5 x 8 journal page
Deli paper background
Journal Prompt week # 28 is to post about a game you loved as a child.  GUESS what game this is?

We just taught it to our youngest grandchildren.  Ah the power of deduction!!!  It's fun to see people posting about hopscotch, ball bouncing games, pinocle, and paper dolls!

I took the opportunity to practice some different printing styles…something I really would like to practice more.  Strathmore has a class online in September that I think will deal with calligraphy.
I am signed up for that one!

Can't believe it's week 28 of the journal prompt commitment.
So far I haven't missed a week BUT some weeks were not very imaginative.  The coordinator is in Europe on a trip but she looks at the FB group often and makes encouraging comments.  Her posts are splendid!  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Student kit for Gelli Plate Workshop

Student kit for Gelli Plate workshop (see more below)

Samples of various Gelli Plate techniques

Okay…so after a good email chat with Gelli plate instructor, Laurel Check, I decided a couple things about my upcoming class on Aug 19th, Minocqua, WI (see side bar for details).   

1. I needed a good kit of materials for students to get started with*. (see my description below). In addition there is a supply list that is emailed to students. 

2. I needed (like Laurel) to allow students who do not want to spend $25 on an 8 x 10 Gelli plate until  some experimentation is done, to bring either plexiglass or glass to work on as a substitute.  

One of my kits is laying on top of piece of glass taped with "Duck" tape.  It comes in such great designs now!!!
My early experiments with glass and plexiglass really show up the advantages of having a Gelli plate!  BUT I do think you can get a "feel" for the fun multi media approach.  

*So..take a look at the kit above.
Starting with top left:
A styro plate to cut out some fun designs (circles to start folks off), cotton string, plastic grid, deli paper strips, rubber textured shelf matting, bubble wrap, plastic circles cut from mailing envelopes, old charge or gift card, plastic coated playing card cut into interesting shapes with craft scissors, onion bag netting, and in the middle, plastic hanger from a local store. (I plan to bring in some ferns, and leaves as well on the day of the workshop.) And students will bring things too.

The apron is just one demonstration of some of the many techniques and a reminder that it is fun to do on fabric as well as paper.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Diva Challenge to tangle in color...

Well how's that for "catching" up on the Tangle-A-Day?  I have not been very far behind but during the holidays we have so much company that there is little time to get on the computer.  So killing two birds with one stone here and doing the Diva Challenge (add color) and posting my calendars at the same time.

The black background on the 4th was acrylic paint.
And then Moon Glow gel pens for the tangle.  I always think of that tangle as a "variation" on Coaster.  I don't know if it has it's own name.  

Favorite new ones are "Ta-Da" and "Abundies". The "Be Strong" one is my "Journal Challenge" from last week.  

Thinking back on the Fourth!

Moleskin sketchbook  5 x 8" WC and ink

When you have a house full of guests, it's hard to get to the computer!  We had about 10 over the 4th of July and what wonderful weather we had for Sat and Sun here in the north woods of WI!  PERFECT.  Warm, windless and sunny.  Absolutely no weather whining!
(POURING rain today…Monday). 

The little sketch is one I did while waiting for the parade in the town of Lac du Flambeau.  This was the little shop across the street from where we sat.  It was a short parade (as always) with tons of emergency and fire truck vehicles!  One tiny band and lots of wonderful Indian costumes.  A few family floats and etc.  Candy thrown out.  We had a huge cook out at the cabin afterwards and Beth's amazing 4th of July dessert pictured above!  How festive is THAT! 

Fireworks were late and shorter than normal (10:15-11:15 pm) and our youngest grandson (8) fell asleep in the middle of them!  He literally could not keep his eyes open.  But he had been fishing with dad at 6 am!!!  And no nap. And swimming all day!  

We were all exhausted on Sunday!  But it was another great day and we were down on the pier in our suits reading or swimming or canoeing or fishing.  So lots of opportunity to relax and recover!  Some of the company left on Sunday afternoon and the rest will take off after breakfast today.  We need a break!  And some time to catch up on laundry and cleaning!  
But we wouldn't have had it any other way.  GREAT time.  Hope you all had a good 4th too.  

Today is my sister's 70th birthday!  Happy Birthday dear Connie!  Everyone sing Happy Birthday to her!!!  She is South Carolina. It is 89 and sunny there today.  We will get to 70 "maybe" but will warm up again by next weekend.  Hope to get into my messy studio this afternoon and do some housekeeping!  Time to do laundry and a little cleaning as we are hoping to have  company again next weekend!