Friday, July 31, 2015

Tangle a Day calendar

I am really fond of this version of Hollibaugh!
(See July 22)
I think it's very dynamic and yet so easy I could teach it to beginners!  

Srewolf is a nice organic tangle too.  
Believe it or not I am actually just about caught up and need to finish July 31 and will be on top of my calendar!

I am talking to email friends today about the "untimely" arrival of August!  Hahaha.  But it always seems that way.  School stuff is all out at WalMart already, of course, and I am just getting really comfortable on the pier!  Sigh.  Stores like Ben Franklin and Michaels are moving their stock around to make room for Christmas already.  Whatever happened to Halloween?  

Sigh.  I am still hoping for some SUMMER…as I have a ton of company coming up in August.  I am okay with flannel shirts but they are hoping for swimming in the lake!  Uh oh weather whining again.  

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