Monday, July 6, 2015

Thinking back on the Fourth!

Moleskin sketchbook  5 x 8" WC and ink

When you have a house full of guests, it's hard to get to the computer!  We had about 10 over the 4th of July and what wonderful weather we had for Sat and Sun here in the north woods of WI!  PERFECT.  Warm, windless and sunny.  Absolutely no weather whining!
(POURING rain today…Monday). 

The little sketch is one I did while waiting for the parade in the town of Lac du Flambeau.  This was the little shop across the street from where we sat.  It was a short parade (as always) with tons of emergency and fire truck vehicles!  One tiny band and lots of wonderful Indian costumes.  A few family floats and etc.  Candy thrown out.  We had a huge cook out at the cabin afterwards and Beth's amazing 4th of July dessert pictured above!  How festive is THAT! 

Fireworks were late and shorter than normal (10:15-11:15 pm) and our youngest grandson (8) fell asleep in the middle of them!  He literally could not keep his eyes open.  But he had been fishing with dad at 6 am!!!  And no nap. And swimming all day!  

We were all exhausted on Sunday!  But it was another great day and we were down on the pier in our suits reading or swimming or canoeing or fishing.  So lots of opportunity to relax and recover!  Some of the company left on Sunday afternoon and the rest will take off after breakfast today.  We need a break!  And some time to catch up on laundry and cleaning!  
But we wouldn't have had it any other way.  GREAT time.  Hope you all had a good 4th too.  

Today is my sister's 70th birthday!  Happy Birthday dear Connie!  Everyone sing Happy Birthday to her!!!  She is South Carolina. It is 89 and sunny there today.  We will get to 70 "maybe" but will warm up again by next weekend.  Hope to get into my messy studio this afternoon and do some housekeeping!  Time to do laundry and a little cleaning as we are hoping to have  company again next weekend!   

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