Sunday, July 19, 2015

Aluminum Foil Embossing

5 x 7 journal cover with foil

I cannot remember where I read about someone covering their journal cover with heavy duty aluminum foil.  I sure wish I could find the reference again.  But hubby and I were sitting on the screen porch yesterday listening to the PBS "story a day" and I brought out a piece and using a small clockmaker's tool I picked up for 25 cents, I did some Zentangle® patterns on the foil.  (With a soft magazine underneath).  Probably an old ball point pen would work too.  

The thing I couldn't remember was what the technique called to do next…somehow color was added to the foil that highlighted the design.  I "think" they used alcohol inks which I don't have.  So I will need to experiment more with this.  I ended up sprinkling the foil with "Brusho" which is fine paint powder that explodes into action when you spritz it with water.  Then when dry I sprayed it with clear acrylic to hopefully waterproof it.  Added some of my home made "washi" tape just for a little more pizzaz.  

I need a tutorial on Brusho.  Anyone know where to find one?

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  1. Hi, Ginny! I love your aluminum foil/wash I tape cover! Isn't it fun to explore? I've played with Brusho's, and love them. Here's a good tutorial that I found, with a lot of techniques:
    Have fun!



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