Friday, July 17, 2015

The Power of One (framed)

original painting is about 11 x 14, Collage of hand painted paper and paint.

I have posted this image before, but now it is framed and going into a show.  The title is "The Power of One" and it is inspired by the courage of people who take a stand... who know that one person CAN make a difference and are not deterred by the thought of "what can one person do?" Instead they set out to do what they can.  

The composition reflects what Gerald Brommer calls "opposing forces".  I originally started it out as a simple project in working with a "non objective composition" series.  I used my hand-painted Gelli print papers, ink and and paint.  Ended up I resonated with the piece.  Don't know if it will resonate with others but it will be one of the paintings in the newest Howard Young Hospital Art Show in Woodruff, WI starting next week.
I will have a total of 4 in the show.  Stop by if you are in the north woods.  

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