Monday, July 6, 2015

Diva Challenge to tangle in color...

Well how's that for "catching" up on the Tangle-A-Day?  I have not been very far behind but during the holidays we have so much company that there is little time to get on the computer.  So killing two birds with one stone here and doing the Diva Challenge (add color) and posting my calendars at the same time.

The black background on the 4th was acrylic paint.
And then Moon Glow gel pens for the tangle.  I always think of that tangle as a "variation" on Coaster.  I don't know if it has it's own name.  

Favorite new ones are "Ta-Da" and "Abundies". The "Be Strong" one is my "Journal Challenge" from last week.  


  1. I like them all, the black one is very cool! :)

  2. All of them look lovely !

  3. Your Tangle-calendar is wonderful!

  4. A very productive week! Lovely work :)

  5. Your black background on the 4th could be representative of fireworks. (?) Beautiful work and good for you for keeping up in spite of a busy holiday schedule...making time for you is core to this process!



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