Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Journals and Gellis and Zentangle..oh no!

Self stick name tag  2 x 3"

collage on regular size 4 x 6 note card with book mark

Inside of card with Gelli print stenciling

Journal Prompt #29 "Bridges"

I hope I am not duplicating a post here…I had this little pile sitting by the computer that seemed to say "post me".  After I did, I thought "hmmmm…"  Well, the name tag and the journal prompt were done today…so I know I have not posted them at least!

The journal prompt was really a hard one for me.
Something about it didn't click for me.
The author wanted us to think about "magic wands" and goals and then what would the "bridge" to these goals look like.
Some of the quote were about "pixie dust".  All metaphors of course, but they were not clicking for me.  I think I am too old for pixie dust. Hahaha.  

But the bridge to goals did have more resonance for me and I ended up sketching a rope swinging bridge…yikes.  A metaphor for slow and careful courageous journeys?  The map bits and the swirling ink on the bit of Gelli print paper show many paths, and may detours and the idea of journey is good for me.  On the other side of the bridge is things I strive more of…more loving, more attentive, more empathy, more listening, more art, more healthy, etc.  

The nametag for my hubby above makes him a "walking billboard" tonight at the art reception.  He will advertise my upcoming Zentangle: part II class on Sept 2.  The 40 degrees last night up here got me to thinking of September again!!!

But we might be getting into the 80s this weekend?  
Let's hope so.  

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