Friday, October 30, 2020

Keeping pens and pencils and brushes alive in October!

I am doing little bits a pieces of my life these days...I sketch while Greg gets his haircut and after I get mine done.  I've put a little bit of diluted black ink into a watercolor aqua brush.  It makes lovely back grounds and shading!  


The Hawthorne Sketch group met on the 14th down near the pool in the picnic pavilion. This is an "interpretation" of how it looked there using crayons, white charcoal, white ink, cray pas, watercolor pencils.
All on black drawing paper.  Kind of fun to mix up the media now and then.  

I've shown my work for the Inktober project as I went along, but it is now finished.  31 prompts for the 31 days in October.  Everyone has the same prompts and it's just amazing to see all the wonderful interpretations online on the many Face Book groups that Zentangle lovers join!  

Monday, October 5, 2020

Wild and Wooly Art of All Kinds

This past week we all finished up with the Zentangle Project Pact #11 and it was fun.  Not my most favorite project pack but still interesting. It heavily leaned on finding the "golden mean" or the compositional spot that is the best for the center of interest AND introduced the new tangle tile size (3 x 5) called Phi.  

I am doing Inktober challenge again this year.  I have found the tangle version to be more fun for me.  31 suggested tangle patterns.  
    There is also an Inktober version which gives you "words" and then you invent sketches to go with the words.  This is fun too but takes MUCH more time.  It's not that I don't have time during a pandemic...but just not the "inclination" or incentive.  There has been an online raucous debate about the Inktober event this year and I decided to stay clear of it for now.  The founder has published a book and there is some sort of entanglement about copywriter infringement going on.  It has spoiled the event for so many people.  
    I love this Zentangle adaption of the tangle event (which is not tied to the previous one in any way).  Small bits of each of the tangles suggested.  These are the first 10 days.  

The Hawthorne Community Outdoor Sketch group met a few weeks ago down by the iconic garden gate.  I started a little pencil/charcoal sketch.  It didn't get too far but it was fun.

Each month beginning in October I do a 30-40 minute talk show on the local in house TV station here in the community. It is devoted to Fine Arts and I always interview someone in the community who has produced some art that we can then hang in the library for the rest of the month. Each month I give a 5 minute "art tip".  If you would be interested in seeing the art tip and the interview you can click here.
      In the month of November I am going to be giving a tip about card making using tape as a masking tool.  I beginning to put together some samples that I can present at the Nov show (First Friday).  
These are the first samples.  Some with watercolor, some with gouache, some with liquid watercolor sprayed on.  I have some other ideas too.  Watch for more coming later.