Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 100th birthday!

Viaduct, Twing, Striping, W2

I am not expecting to ever make another one of these birthday cards!  My hubby's aunt turns 100 this coming weekend. BIG party ahead.  

Happy Birthday, Aunt Cordelia!!! 

Diva Challenge: Duo Tangle with your initial tangles

Voga, Sandswirl

The reason there is a stripe of color on the side of this tangle is that this is a "Random Act of Kindness Tangle".  Those of you who follow my blog on non-Diva days know that periodically I post about this neat idea.  

I make mine like a tiny 3.5" book of two tiles taped together with my hand-painted Washi tape.  (could be any tape). And then I leave the "Kindness Zentangle" in random places with a note on it saying "this is a gift for you.  Keep it or pass it on."  I do this anonymously but you could put your blog on it or you could put on it.  

I like it a two-tile so it will stand up by itself. But the one side could be made of colored paper or random cardboard…it wouldn't have to be a second tile.

I leave them in doctor's offices, nurses stations, churches, with my bill in restaurants where the service was excellent, and once even between two boxes of cereal in a grocery store!  hahahah.  Use your imagination.   

Inside I put a nice saying.  This one says:
"Do your little bit of good where are you;
it's those little bits of good, put together that 
overwhelm the world."  Desmond Tutu

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Acts of Zentangle Kindness

I've been taking the time to refresh my little bag of "Kindness Zentangle Tiles booklets".  Just two tiles taped together with colorful "washi" tape and then a nice little saying inside…a few lines from a favorite poem or psalm or a note saying to enjoy or pass it on.  

It wouldn't have to be two tiles.  One with the information on the back would be nice too.  The taping together however gives the tile booklet the ability to "stand up".  (One of the pages need not be a tile…it could be some colorful left over paper or a collage scrap.)

I initial them but don't sign them.  
I sometimes will put a reference to the Zentangle kindness project blog on the back.  Some people put their own email or blog so that people who find them can respond if they wish.  I like to remain anonymous.  

I leave them in waiting rooms, doctor's offices, nurse's stations, sometimes I leave one in the bathroom or bedroom at a home where I am a guest, restaurants (along with the check) if I have an exceptionally nice waitress/waiter, churches, motels when the service is especially good, even a grocery store now and then…I slip one between two boxes of cereal.  I always identify it as a "gift" so folks won't think it was lost.  

I keep them in a zip lock bag in my purse.  
They don't take up any room at all.
It'a great way to recycle your zentangle tiles!  
People often ask what I do with them all…that's one idea.  What do you do with yours?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zentangly Day

Keepsake box from CZT 15 training.

Vega, Ynix, Printemps, Finery  3.5" tile
Background: Twinkling H2-0 (Wisteria, Buttercup, and Majestic)
It was a "tangly" day…lots of cold and rain again in the north woods of WI.  Sigh!  I took the time to sort and get things ready for two Zentangle classes coming up this week AND a poster.  

Then a little time to start tangling the cover of the treasure box we all got at CZT 15 in June.  I decided to follow Molly's example and put a bead pull on the box.  I started some tangles and obviously did not have time to finish.  The box is like 6 x 8" so it's a lot of tangles.  

Then I remember I had not used up the pretty backgrounds we did at the Retreat to Paradise in April.  Does anyone know where I can get more of that iridescent paint called Twinkling H2o?  It's so pretty.  It does leave a kind of slippery finish so I used an identi-pen for tangling this tile.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 27 Zentangle calendar (and cordwood construction)

I am disappointed the shading didn't show up in "Roscoe" as it is really a distinctive and interesting tangle and the shading makes a difference.  I shall have to try to combine it in another zentangle and then use darker graphite.  

I adore Margaret's "double" "Pressed Wood" and I have no idea really what the 3rd one is called.  I think I saw it on Pinterest and I forgot to write down the name!  I am calling it "Windows" until I find out the right one.  

Attended the summer meeting of the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association in Merrill, WI today and discovered something called "cordwood" construction.  Now, I am not normally all that excited by construction but this was FASCINATING.  You need to go to and look it over.  Trust me.  Just look.  

Then the rest of the afternoon we spent on the local north woods WI art gallery visiting weekend.  We hit 4 artists local home galleries…one pastel, one wc, and two potters.  I loved them all.  We plan to visit a few more after church tomorrow.  Weather cleared and it was sunny and 81.  It seemed like SUMMER!!!!  Imagine that!  It'll drop 20 degrees and rain tomorrow so that was over fast!  Oh well.  You learn to just enjoy it when it's here.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Truffle: The Diva's Challenge

"Sprigs" and "Truffle" are quite new.  I love "Sprigs" but am not sure yet about "Truffle".  Need to look at what others do with it.  It certainly allows for a lot of creative tangleation.  I just need to play more with it. 

65 here today and "mostly" sunny.  Greg has been SO good about getting the kids out to tube on the lake almost every day.  We skipped Tuesday due to 30 mph wind!  But he is braving the 60 degrees and hoping the sun will keep them from freezing to death out there on the water.  Julie is down on the pier…Marie and Nate and curled up reading.  I am going to take my sketch book and camera down to the pier if the sun stays out!  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Zentangle Calendar

The new tangle "Maryhill" is very nice…quite simple and lots of interesting variations!  The other two are old tangles but again, not ones I've tried before.  With well over 1000 named tangles out there now…there are going to be many that I have never tried and may never get to!!

Company is coming to the north woods cabin now.  
We are about as ready as is possible.  Weather has moderated into a fairly warm spell but with some rain in the forecast during the week (boo hoo).  But we hoping it will hold for Nate's 18th birthday party tomorrow.  Lots of grilling out to do!!!  The chicken is defrosting and will be marinating tomorrow.  Lots of watermelon and Cheesy Potatoes.  And an eclair dessert with candles.  Summer!  

Maybe a campfire if the mosquitoes are not too bad.
Would be my first one of the season! 

I picked up my art from the Manito Show this morning and will be delivering art to the Howard Young Show tomorrow morning.  That summer show runs to Oct.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Zentangle Calendar July 18

Tortuca and Nekton are both tangles presented by Rick and Marie on their Apprentice video.  They surely have been around awhile but I've never tried them before.  I liked them both.  Pepper (probably named for peppermint?) on the other hand did not make my day.  It's a "poor man's Aquafleur" and not early as dramatic in my book. But after one says something like that then you see what someone else does with it and you change your mind!  Always the way.  

I need to get a little ahead now on my calendar because it's "high" summer in the north woods and time for grandchildren to come and play.  The younger ones like to get up early!  The older ones like to sleep late!  I remember how that is!!!  

I am cooking up a storm to stock fridge and freezer for the older ones (boys 16 and 18 eat like you cannot imagine!) Double recipes of everything!  Hahaha.  Today is a huge batch of chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies for the freezer!

I have 9 people signed up for my September 3rd Zentangle class already! (see side bar for classes)  I think this is going to be a pretty good sized class all because of that Zentangle cow painting that is getting a lot of chatter at the art show!  Who could have guessed?  And I have 11 at the July 31st class and I think 9 at a private class on August 1.  So I am going to be "getting back" on the teaching circuit real quick!!!   

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Painting Sold!

The reception for the Manitowish Waters Art League show opening was last night…called "Patron's Night" for those who donate to scholarships and the artists.  I should have taken a photo of the appetizers!  WOW.  Yummy.  A harp played and there was champagne punch.  This art league knows how to throw a party!

My little Zentangle Cow portrait sold!  (see red tag on the ID tag).  Everyone loved the little art work and it made people smile.  And I think it cooked up some interest in my September 3rd Zentangle class to be held for the league!  (see side bar).  I have 7 already signed up for that!  Contact me by email or sign up at the LAL or MAL meetings in August.  

The show will be open now (Thursday) through Sat 9-5 and then Sunday to noon.  So if you are in the northern Wisconsin area (Minocqua/Woodruff/Boulder Junction/Hazelhurst/etc) please come on over.  The Manitowish Community Center is on Hwy 51 next door to the library.  If you go over this morning they also have their Farmer's Market all morning right next door to the show!  We have live art demonstrations going on all 3 full days of the show as well.

I am a greeter there on Saturday morning so if you drop by that day I'll be happy to show you around!  We have a people's choice vote going on.  The show is judged and it's fun to see who the judges decide on too!  Christine Alfery won best of show…delightful painting.  Congrats to Christine!!!  

We see some sunshine up here in the north woods and the weather man is promising a little warm up for the weekend.  Am crossing my fingers BIG time because I have a TON of company coming starting on Saturday.  Much more fun in the warm sun!!!  And I'll be cooking for FOUR grandsons!  Whew.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Diva Challenge: natural stains for your tiles

Venetian, Chi, Morse

Okay first off, my natural stain is wild blueberries, picked here at the north woods cabin.  BUT big disclosure…the blue of this tile is manipulated in iPhoto.  The tile is NOT REALLY blue.  Ugh.  I think I will show you how it REALLY looks….

Okay here is how it really looks.  Better, huh?  Or not.
The blueberries did not really stain very blue..they came out on the Zentangle tile sort of bluish-gray.  And they look like I smudged the tile.  ARRGH.  That's why I tried coloring the tile fake blue to cover that up but I am not sure fake blue looks so good.  

I decided to use my purple .01 Sakura pen for this and shade with a blue colored pencil.  I put a little "blueberry pearl" on the top left.  Hahaha.  All the rainy cool weather has brought on a big batch of wild blueberries up here if you can stand picking in the midst of swarms of mosquitoes!  

My hubby sprayed up and gave it a shot so HE got most of them in his blueberry pancakes yesterday!

 I like the new tangle Chi but I used Linda Farmer's hint to start with step out #4 instead of the way the step out is shown.  THAT is much easier.  Put the triangles on the tile first.  Venetian has become a "mac and cheese" tangle for me.  Just love it.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zentangle Calendar

I had forgotten how much fun "Squid" was…although the name is so deceiving.  It looks far more "flower like" than animal like!  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Crux: The Diva's Challenge

Crux, Maelstrom, Peg's Stars

I am totally in love with Renaissance tiles.  I just can't get enough of them!  For the uninitiated they are these beautiful "tannish" tiles usually done with brown, black, gray and white.  Colors used by the old masters.  

Anyway in my "variation" of Crux for the challenge this week it got SO varied I am not sure you can find it anymore!!!  :-)  I did practice the tangle as it was given at first and loved ALL the variations that were given.  But some days I just don't seem to be able to do a gridded pattern.  Other days it is just fine.  Some days I feel more "organic" and that is just the way it is.  So poor Crux got all mushed around.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Fun Day Painting Outdoors at Hawk's Nest Canoe and Kayak Rental

Watercolor/ink on canvas  8 x 10

I got there a little late.  Most of the other painters chose to be down at the river but gosh…I just couldn't paint any more GREEN.  It was a pretty spot but FULL of mosquitoes. Nothing but trees and water.  I was not inspired.  

So I moved up to the rental building just up from the river side and found these lovely colors and shapes.

This was about an hour sketch (quite small) and fun.
Now I have to decide if I should put the dark background in behind them.  Or put in a light background behind them just inferring something growing behind them. It seems like some more verticals behind them might work?   Or some sky behind them and a horizon?  Or just leave them as is.  What do you think?  

We had a WONDERFUL weather day and lunch at the Pea Patch in Manitowish Waters afterwards.  What a nice morning.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Zentangles

Zentangles are not meant to look like anything, of course, but all 3 of these bring images to mind for me.  7 looks like spider webs, 8 looks like a quilt pattern and 9 looks like a finger print. 

Weather continues to be unreliable in the north woods…one or two days we get some sunshine and nice enough to be out on the lake then 3 days of dismal cold and rain and the mosquitoes are back again.  We just cannot seem to get a streak of nice weather.  Monday night we had HAIL…pretty significant hail and well, enough weather whining.

We are completing our cabin remodeling this week…or at least up to a "point" of being able to stop for awhile.  There are several significant things still left to do but hubby has been "at it" now since early June and it's time for him to have some "time off" to play.  
Or at least to work at some other things that are outdoors and probably a bit more enjoyable!  

I am hanging curtains now and cleaning some cupboards and we have to put away all the tools which is a job in itself.  

In between I am preparing for the Manitowish Waters Art Show AND the Howard Young show which are back to back…the first 3 paintings need to be ready to show by Sunday morning.  I still have a bit of framing to finish up on those.  

I am also preparing materials now for two back to back Zentangle classes I am giving, July 31 and Aug 1. (see side bar).  Today is the Lakeland Art League meeting in Woodruff, WI.  Tomorrow (if weather cooperates) is my outdoor painting group.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Heading into July for high summer

I see I spelled one of these wrong…it is "Umble".  Well close!  And that one takes a long time because of all the fill!  Facade is red, white and blue of course.

Hope you all had a good 4th.
We saw the parade in Minocqua, WI, most of the local band concert in the park and the fireworks at the Lac du Flambeau.  Very nice day!  Nice weather for  too!!!

The traffic going south out of Minocqua on Saturday was staggering!  Wow…folks heading home.  What a shame they had to go on such a beautiful day!  But Greg says folks rent from Sat to Sat most places and so they had to check out at noon.  

We are busy with our cabin remodeling…beginning to come to some sort of closure now.  A little more wall painting in the guest room this week and I can then hang the pictures and the curtains back up.  The finishing touches may have to wait to later as we have company arriving around the 18th for a week. 

This has been the summer of the remodel.  We don't even have our pier in yet!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Diva's Challenge: laying one string on top of another string

Marasu and Twing
The tangle Marasu was taught by Maria at Session 15 at CZT training last month. I think we all pretty much fell in love with it so I thought I'd use it for the Diva's challenge this week.  I've not worked on the lovely tan tiles much before this and I admits that I think a love affair is beginning!  I've always said that the black/white/gray is THE most elegant tile. And I still do believe that.  But the tan tiles with brown, black and white come very close.