Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zentangly Day

Keepsake box from CZT 15 training.

Vega, Ynix, Printemps, Finery  3.5" tile
Background: Twinkling H2-0 (Wisteria, Buttercup, and Majestic)
It was a "tangly" day…lots of cold and rain again in the north woods of WI.  Sigh!  I took the time to sort and get things ready for two Zentangle classes coming up this week AND a poster.  

Then a little time to start tangling the cover of the treasure box we all got at CZT 15 in June.  I decided to follow Molly's example and put a bead pull on the box.  I started some tangles and obviously did not have time to finish.  The box is like 6 x 8" so it's a lot of tangles.  

Then I remember I had not used up the pretty backgrounds we did at the Retreat to Paradise in April.  Does anyone know where I can get more of that iridescent paint called Twinkling H2o?  It's so pretty.  It does leave a kind of slippery finish so I used an identi-pen for tangling this tile.

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