Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 27 Zentangle calendar (and cordwood construction)

I am disappointed the shading didn't show up in "Roscoe" as it is really a distinctive and interesting tangle and the shading makes a difference.  I shall have to try to combine it in another zentangle and then use darker graphite.  

I adore Margaret's "double" "Pressed Wood" and I have no idea really what the 3rd one is called.  I think I saw it on Pinterest and I forgot to write down the name!  I am calling it "Windows" until I find out the right one.  

Attended the summer meeting of the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association in Merrill, WI today and discovered something called "cordwood" construction.  Now, I am not normally all that excited by construction but this was FASCINATING.  You need to go to and look it over.  Trust me.  Just look.  

Then the rest of the afternoon we spent on the local north woods WI art gallery visiting weekend.  We hit 4 artists local home galleries…one pastel, one wc, and two potters.  I loved them all.  We plan to visit a few more after church tomorrow.  Weather cleared and it was sunny and 81.  It seemed like SUMMER!!!!  Imagine that!  It'll drop 20 degrees and rain tomorrow so that was over fast!  Oh well.  You learn to just enjoy it when it's here.  

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