Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Re-doing the fractured wc on canvas

With the planning for a class comes the re-thinking about how to do the demos and how to set up supply lists.

Fracturing wc on canvas with Peg Furlin was a LONG time ago and I won't be teaching the workshop until mid September. But now is a good time to start doing some of these again to "get in the mood" and to remember what I need to re-remember about doing this technique.

I have picked a simple form to incorporate into the painting. You don't need to do this. Peg does a lot of abstracting in her work (you can google her work online). But I like working with some recognizable objects in mine.

We are going to work on 12 x 12 canvas and so I prepared the canvas with a hearty scrub with water...and I mean SCRUB. Losing some of the sizing and thoroughly wetting the canvas before I put on pale wash triad of the color I plan to use in the painting. Remember, this is watercolor and this is not a wc canvas. Just an inexpensive gallery wrapped canvas. So the painting will use a lot of techniques that you use in Yupo painting.

It's good to let is dry thoroughly and then trace on your subject matter. So I'll post my next steps in a few days.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A watercolor ground example of Journal Cover

This a copy of a very interesting article I read today on Daniel Smith's catalog page. As you know I have been doing "journal covers" in collage and mixed media. I think this an alternative to that that really has a nice look to it. This example is by Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling. You can see more examples if you google Daniel Smith. Naturally it is partially a sales pitch for watercolor ground. You might alternate this by gluing watercolor paper onto your journal cover and leaving under weights overnight. Then after doing the painting, spray coat it with 4 or 5 coats of clear acrylic spray. Still I have purchased some of this ground and so I plan to experiment with this.

Let your imagination soar!

Enrich your travel experience by creating your own artful travel Journal. Our International travel experts, Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling share techniques and materials for their Mixed Media Journals. Follow these Step-by-Step instructions to create your own Journal Cover using Watercolor Ground.

Watercolor Ground on Arches Watercolor Book
Tape over canvas edges. Apply Watercolor Ground direct from the container with a brush in either a uniform or random pattern. Random brushstrokes were used here to create texture.

Watercolor Ground—2 to 3 layers
Paint 2 to 3 layers until you have complete coverage with the Water-color Ground. Allow to cure 24 to 72 hours before applying Watercolor or Acrylics.

Sketch & Paint
You can draw in pencil or go for it and draw in ink. A non-permanent Elegant Writer Pen was used for a wet messy look. A pencil was used to plan the design, then painted wet-in-wet with a limited complementary palette of Lunar Earth, Quinacridone Sienna, Naples Yellow, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Teal and Permanent Brown.

Splatter & Typography
Using a mesh screen, put a some wet China White on top and blow through to create splatter. Typography was planned out on a separate sheet of paper with a stencil before deciding on final placement.

Finishing Touches
You can design your own stamp to identify the region, country and year for your journal. Don’t forget to sign your artwork before varnishing with Golden Archival Varnish. Use 2 coats gloss, then one coat matte for a nice finish.

America’s Best of Watercolor Artists, Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs take students to Europe to draw, paint, collage as they journal their travels. With a focus on design, they share their passion for painting and encourage an artful journey of discoveries. Goesling will also be featured in the upcoming Splash 13, for her “Layer it up” approach of transparent and opaque watercolors, The dynamic duo team teach Mixed Media—Creative Travel Journaling and Watermedia workshops at Daniel Smith.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

A new view of Lincoln

This a little dark of me standing beside a fairly new portrait of Lincoln at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday. I wanted you to see the scale of the painting.

I am sorry I didn't write down the artist's name but I think when I look through my info later I will probably find it. I even bought a mug with this image on it. The museum is highly modern and includes a lot of fascinating almost Disney-like presentations very well done! We were totally impressed and we recommend a visit here!

Our journey is winding down now as we head for northern Wisconsin and our summer cabin in Lac du Flambeau on Tuesday.

It may be awhile before I get into my studio there because my hubby plans a new ceiling for it and that requires me OUT of it while he works. But it will be nice when it is finally finished.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A beautiful Day in Omaha

Yesterday in downtown Omaha.
Our friends there hosted a great picnic just outside the Union Pacific Museum at the old Carnegie Library.

Now we are headed to Kansas to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Museum.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Poem for Monday....

On Mondays
by Marilyn Donnelly

On Mondays when the museums are closed
and a handful of guards
look the other way
or read their newspapers
all of the figures
step out of golden frames
to stroll the quiet halls
or visit among old friends.
Picasso's twisted ladies
rearrange themselves
to trade secrets
with the languid odalisques of Matisse
while sturdy Rembrandt men
shake the dust
from their velvet tams
and talk shop.
Voluptuous Renoir women
take their rosy children by the hand
to the water fountains
where they gossip
while eating Cezanne's luscious red apples.
Even Van Gogh
in his tattered yellow straw hat
seems almost happy
on Mondays when the museums are closed.

"On Mondays" by Marilyn Donnelly, from Coda. © Autumn House Press, 2010

I couldn't resist sharing the museum poem that came in Garrison Keillor's blog this morning. And also a photo I took before I left Florida this spring.
This is the entry way into a darling little cafe in Mt Dora. I can hardly wait to paint it!

We are continuing our cross country trip and right now are near Amana, Iowa.
We are heading toward Omaha today to spend a few days with friends. More adventures soon. Keep tuned.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Traveling through Grand Rapids

The beauty of architecture.
The Meyer May home in Grand Rapids, Michigan really amazed us.

My hubby and I have been to many Frank Lloyd Wright homes and businesses but we have never seen one so painstakingly restored.
The dining room was especially beautiful.

Frankly I could never imagine living in one of these homes.
But is fun to see one so lovingly done. Rugs were woven, tile made, walls painted, and the entire roof removed and steel reinforcement put in! etc. Amazing!

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Journaling along the way

This a quick sketch that I did about a week ago coming from Bloomington, Indiana in the way to Indianapolis. It is a little winery called Oliver Winery.

Currently we are traveling through Iowa on our way to Nebraska.
More soon, I hope.

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