Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Re-doing the fractured wc on canvas

With the planning for a class comes the re-thinking about how to do the demos and how to set up supply lists.

Fracturing wc on canvas with Peg Furlin was a LONG time ago and I won't be teaching the workshop until mid September. But now is a good time to start doing some of these again to "get in the mood" and to remember what I need to re-remember about doing this technique.

I have picked a simple form to incorporate into the painting. You don't need to do this. Peg does a lot of abstracting in her work (you can google her work online). But I like working with some recognizable objects in mine.

We are going to work on 12 x 12 canvas and so I prepared the canvas with a hearty scrub with water...and I mean SCRUB. Losing some of the sizing and thoroughly wetting the canvas before I put on pale wash triad of the color I plan to use in the painting. Remember, this is watercolor and this is not a wc canvas. Just an inexpensive gallery wrapped canvas. So the painting will use a lot of techniques that you use in Yupo painting.

It's good to let is dry thoroughly and then trace on your subject matter. So I'll post my next steps in a few days.

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