Wednesday, February 16, 2022

What's Up in February

I cannot believe how long since I've posted.  I do apologize. There's nothing wrong except being side tracked into doing other things and just not getting to it.  I think all bloggers go through this and all of sudden 3 months with no blog.  Or more.  

I've been teaching Zentangle here at University Woods...samples of the Valentine Theme from Feb 3 above.  AND below you'll find a photo of the new set up for that with my document camera and an 80" smart TV which makes "charts" obsolete.  

The online class I signed up for by Pat Southern-Pearce was very fun although his particular subject matter was not attractive to me and I was sorry she picked this for the class.  But you get the "idea" of her work which is very multi-media.  No water involved.  Crayons, pens, markers, cray pas, and watercolor pencils (with no water).  

So here are a few better examples of  Pat's which I think highlight her work better.  She always works on toned paper.  Google her name and find a few YouTube videos featuring her.  She's a British artist.