Monday, June 30, 2014

Farewell to June

6 months of Calendar-A-Day.  Whew.  
Farewell to June, 2014.  Did that go fast or WHAT?

"Ing" (on day 30) is the new Session 15 tangle pattern.  I really enjoy it.  Easy peasy.  
The step outs will be coming out shortly for that.

I love Margaret Bremner's new tangle called "Morse" which is of course a variation on Hollibough.  You know…dots and dashes.  Clever.  And so dramatic.  It does take quite a bit of "fill" and so you need TIME for that one.  But it is worth it.  You will find step outs for that on her blog (see it listed under blogs I follow.)

I see an orthopedic surgeon today to see if I can possible FIT my knee surgery into my summer schedule.  Pretty nuts when you can't find time to have surgery, huh?  But with elective surgery you do tend to mess around with your calendar!!!  That meniscus tear is beginning to get "old" and I want to feel better and get to walking normally again!!! I am aiming for early August for the surgery.  Cross your fingers on that!!!   

I am finally easing up my schedule a little in July…Greg and I are finishing up our remodeling project IN the cabin so we can hopefully spend more time OUTside the cabin.  The mosquitoes in the north woods have abated but NOW the black flies have hatched and we hear on TV that predictions are for a BUMPER crop of those biting pesky and ugly creatures!!!  They are SO bad that the loons are abandoning their nests rather than stay on them and be bitten and attacked!!!  OH NO!  We have a lot of rain in the forecast this week up here.  Sigh.  

We are really looking forward to some visitors in July and more time at the lake front.  I need some sun.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Getting Up To Date again….

Lucky for me…with all the excitement of CZT training that I was a bit ahead and now am as of Sunday right up to date.  Gosh…I've come this far with this challenge, I am NOT letting it go now!!!

Have a GREAT week everyone.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zentangle Reflections

Left to right, top to bottom
Rick and Marie sign my Zentangle book, DVD of ideas on teaching "apprentice" materials for youth, a recording of Rick Roberts playing his hand made flute, my pre-strung Zendala
Bottom: our "anything is possible" bag for keeping things, my name tag hand letter by Maria, my notebook and a "renaissance tile".

Reflecting on the CZT training will take days, weeks and months, of course.  But as I unpacked my materials this morning and laid them out on my studio table, the memories of the week came flooding back.  

I can see why people fly from all over the country and the world for these seminars (which it should be called rather than a "training").  As a professionally trained educator myself, I've been to a LOT of classes, trainings, workshops, etc.  This was one top class event.

I think we had about 12 countries represented at this particular seminar but there are many more if you look at the sum total, of course.  These seminars are not really officially advertised.  These are word of mouth and social media advertised by the participants themselves.  Amazing, huh?  

I really felt at a huge advantage since I have been tangling since June of 2012 and because I have been involved in "passing the fun along" for over a year.  I have some sense of what I need to know at this point.  But there was something for everyone no matter where you are on the journey.  If you ever have a thought of taking one of these seminars I would highly recommend it!  They book up a year in advance and are only given 4 times a year.  (All the details at of course.)  

I know as the weeks go along, various things I've learned or have been exposed to will pop up and I will share and of course, if you sign up to take a class with me…you'll get information FIRST hand!
You can see at the right that I have several "gigs" already in the works for this summer and at least one "private" workshop set up in August.  Possible one in Florida in November.  

So I am excited to take some time now in the months ahead to sort through my thoughts and all the reference materials Zentangle has given me to study. Lucky me.  That's pretty much what we all thought as we progressed through the week.  Lucky us!   

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Diva gets a Master's Degree

Here is Laura Harms ( the Diva) re- graduating with my Session 15.
(Her original CZT graduation was in Session 3). So this must be a Master's Degree!

Laura was a featured speaker in the second night.
She did a fantastic job and got a standing ovation!
Maybe she will blog about it.
If not I will later.

It was a thrilled to meet her.

Lot's of exciting thing announced at Sessions 14 and 15.
You will all be hearing about it in the next few weeks and once all the official announcements have gone out to the CZT community, then I will share too and everything goes "public" at that point.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's Official..I am a CZT!!!

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Working white on black

Theses are all my tiles.

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Learning to work on tinted tiles

This is actually someone else's tile.
But I loved it.

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Rick and Marie are the Founders of Zentangle

It's the dream of most serious tangle lovers to meet these two people.
Lucky me!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

110 participants in the 15th session

Here we are coming into the class this morning. Every seat will be full.

Zentangle CZT class in Providence.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Famous CZT photo spot

Everyone has their photo at the Zentangle frame. Sometimes you can catch Marie for a photo but we have not caught her yet.
So Julie and I posed by ourselves today.

Very busy day. Lovely weather in Providence. We eat all our meals out on the terrace under red umbrellas. Lucky us!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

CZT Training begins

This evening after dinner Marie and Rick autographed their book.

Julie and I flew out of WI early this morning.
It has been a long day!
And we lost an hour!
We should sleep well tonight.
Zentangle training starts tomorrow morning.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Off to CZT training...

This will be my last post before I leave for CZT training in Providence.  I hope to have time to post from Rhode Island but I don't know how my time will go.  

I fly out of Madison, WI on Sunday morning (with my daughter).  So far, weather looks promising!  
We are are both excited about going.  

We are both packing for just carry on luggage and that is tad challenging.  But when you change planes it's really helpful not to be worried about losing your bags!!!  

My hubby is doing some remodeling work at the cabin by the lake while I am gone.  So some nice surprises upon arrival back in a week!  I hope!!!  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

9 tile Zentangle Ensemble framed

12 x 12 mounted on wc paper
9 tile ensemble from the Paradise Retreat April 2014
Tiles number 1-9 from left to right in each row:
1 Barbara Wells, 2 Holly Williams 3: Kathenne McClohlin, 4 Jo-Ellen Matthews, 5, Ginny Stiles 6 Faith Cohen 7 Sandee Sach, 8 Margaret Bremner, 9 Dorian Eng

This was QUITE a project.  The participants were mailed the "kits" of all nine tiles.  (two kits which was 18 tiles actually) and during last winter 18 tangle lovers worked on these to complete and get them before the April event in Melbourne, FL.  

We handed them to Jo-Ellen at the event and then several weeks later she took them all and assembled them and photographed them as they were and as she re-assembled them leaving one of your original tiles in each one.  

For those who might not know, the "strings" for the tiles was pre-drawn on each set so that the images when reassembled would "fit together" even though no one knew what anyone else had chosen for their tangles.  

The "ensemble stringed sets" can be ordered from if you'd like to try one.  You could do all 9 yourself…but the real fun is to find 8 other people who should like to do it with you.  

After photographed, Jo-Ellen then mailed the ensembles back to each of the 18 participants.  I am jut now getting around to framing mine.  I am not sure how everyone will display theirs and am wondering if they thought of some other way to do so.  But after all the work and the beautiful tiles I wanted to preserve them.  I think they are endlessly lovely to look at.  

Diva's Challenge: Duo tangle Mooka and Auraknot

Auraknot and Mooka

The Diva's challenge this week are two very old (well in the Zentangle world they are) tangles.  I am a lot like Margaret Bremner…love Auraknot but am not a huge fan of Mooka.  But they do make a nice duo-pattern for this week's challenge.

It was nice to work on a tile this week again after pretty much sticking with my Zentangle-a-day Calendar for a few weeks.  

The countdown to CZT training continues and the cool thing is I am going to get to meet "the Diva" herself at this training!  What fun is that!

I fly out Sunday morning.  Keep those tangling thoughts coming!  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Zentangle Calendar right up to CZT training

Seems like the closer I get to CZT training the more I need Zen.  How do people block off a week and just fly away from their lives and everything going on in it!!!????

I mean this has been on my calendar for 8 months…but now that the last 3 days are drawing down…it's like everything in my life is whirling around causing time delays and changing the last minute plans.  Sigh.

I will have my calendar done ahead right through that week at training since I plan to have it there for show and tell.  I think.  I have no check in luggage and that is really a challenge, isn't it?  

This torn meniscus knee issue was NOT part of the original plan, of course, and that is what is mainly throwing me off.  BUT it will all work out.  I am driving to Madison, WI on Sat (4 hour drive) and my daughter and I will stay at the airport motel and shuttle over on Sunday morning as we have a 7 am flight!  OH my!    Hahaha.  

Weather in Providence is better than Wisconsin.  I hope it stays that way!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretending to be "en plein air" in Florida!

Watercolor/ink on canvas 12 x 6 gallery wrapped

I snapped a photo of Ta'Da' Gallery in New Smyrna Beach, Florida a few winters ago during a field trip the Leesburg Art League took to the coast.

We visited many different galleries that day. 
I just thought this one with the scalloped trim, the pink, blue and yellow color scheme and the flag was darling.  

So yesterday we got a "no-go" day for our en plein air Outdoor Painter's Group up here…why?  It was 45 degrees, NO sunshine, and 30 mph wind.  How's that for June 12th!!!?  ARRRGH.

So I "pretended" to be sitting in front of this shop  instead. I turned the heat on in the studio. Made a pot of coffee, and turned on some nice music.  I had the photo on my iPad which I sat in a small table easel so it was upright in front of me.  And the delightful part of the iPad version is you can take your fingers and spread out (enlarge) sections of the image anytime you want a closer look.  I found things I did not see at first look! (like the little easel with the painting on the front porch).  Turns out TaDa has a FB page here.
And they are moving and will open June 28th at a new location at 306B Flager.

Outside the big window in front me the wind raged and the dark clouds scudded by and spatters of rain came and went all day.  I barely noticed.  The afternoon slipped away so pleasantly.  

I put it aside to work on some framing later in the day so as to be able to send in my application for the July Manito Art Show coming up.  I am going to be pretty busy the next few weeks and sure don't want to forget to do this!!!  Then I did some finishing touches to this little painting this morning.

I took the photo in indoor lighting which is not a good idea.  It really has nicer color than shows up in the photo.  I'll have to try it again another time.

We are off to Madison, WI to see our grandson, Nate, graduate from Madison West high school tomorrow.  the ceremony is at the Kohl Center.  It's about a 4 hour drive.  We'll stay in motel tomorrow night and drive back Sunday.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Wild Sunrise on Birch Lake  11 x 14 unframed.

This was photoed under artificial light (not the best) but it is a gloomy dark rainy cold day in the north woods of WI.  You get the picture of that?  

So this is the best I can do for now.  
This is an acrylic collage with hand painted papers painted with my gelli plate.  Transparent papers AND opaque paper as well. 

I "think" it is finished but with these abstract ones it is harder to know when it is done that in realism!!!

I find abstract very fascinating.
Am also working on some framing today and trying to get my selections in order to mail in for the Manito Art Show in July.  I have so many things coming up I want to have that "in the bag" and done.  

Then I can start thinking about the upcoming Zentangle CZT training.  My daughter and I fly out of Madison, WI a week from Sunday.   

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Diva's Challenge: Beads of Courage

We all are inspired and continue to be amazed at the amazing energy and spirit of Laura Harms.  These beads of courage are a gift to her young son for each of the times he has had to exhibit courage in his journey in this life.  We all think Laura deserves her "own" beads of courage!  This one's for you, Laura.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Zentangle Calendar for June 10, 11, 12.

Tangling ahead in my calendar project…I found the new "Vercut" rather interesting even though at first it seemed to repeat other tangles I had…it just has a nice feel to it.  

I chose to put Viaduct with two other tangles that all have the "arch" as their main theme.  In fact when I stored the tangle I added a note to "see also Arnia and Tropicana".  The way you can manipulate an arch seems endless.  

The tangles for the 11th of June are nameless.  If anyone knows their names please let me know.  I found them both on "Pinterest".  They were just hanging out there with no one claiming them, naming them or anything.  I thought they were both worth saving for future reference.  The background one has a very nice "fill" that can be endlessly shaded to one's heart's content.  The one in the foreground in color is time consuming but fascinating.  (color added is Inktense Pencil with water).  

Incidentally I am totally new to Pinterest and find it very strange and I am just not "getting it".  Why people would just spend all this time endlessly posting pictures of what "interests" them in clothes and home decor and travel spots.  Now in some justification…I have found the Zentangle postings interesting and that is about all I have pursued a bit. What am I missing here?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Zentangle faux frames

I mentioned that I attended a print-making workshop last week.  One of the "soft cuts" I did was a sort of faux frame that I wanted to use for open-ended tangling.  I love the idea of the picture frame as a "string".        

I really did not have much time to "finish it off" very smoothly which will have to wait to FL when I get back to my cutting tools.  But you can at least "get the idea" of where I am heading here.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

En Plein Air in Minocqua, WI

11 x 14 wc and ink on canvas board

The Minocqua, WI Museum

Every now and again a really pretty morning shows up on the day when the Northern Outdoor Painters have scheduled a day to paint!  How lucky is THAT!
AND due to the fact that the 12 of us that painted…were "in town" out and about in the streets of the town, the mosquito issue was not a huge issue!!!

I painted from 9:30 to noon.  
Everyone chose different spots…stores, parks, restaurants, etc. all over town.  
Then we all gathered at the Thirsty Whale for lunch.
I really wish we could get people to bring what they painted to lunch so we could have the fun of seeing the sketches and paintings.  

I have a few little tweaks to do to this painting but I like that it is just what it is…a fresh little watercolor sketch.  I'll spray it with clear mat acrylic medium and show it without glass.  
Next week is the turn over at the gallery in town…this might be fun to take over.  

Lots of rain in the forecast now for the next three days.  Lucky us.

Print Making Revisited

At yesterday's print-making workshop (Sue Wendlandt teacher) in Manitowish Waters, WI, we enjoyed working with a lot of different media.  At the top I worked on "soft cut" with the cut tools to make a "picture frame" (about 4 x 6") so that I could use it for Zentangle.  To the left is the original drawing and then the cut out and then one print.  I need to do a little clean up on the soft cut.  I'll post later some of the ideas I have for using this "stamp".  

The second two examples are both done in Foam Printing.  I did the designed with a ball point pen incised in foam.  You can buy thin art form for this purpose and you do get cleaner lines with the purchased foam.  The round one was incised into a small dessert sized foam plate.  But it was not bad either.  

I was using "printing inks" with these.  I am not sure how they would work with thinned acrylics which is all I have here at the cabin.  I may have to add some printer's ink to my next Cheap Joe's order just to get a bit cleaner lines.  I will definitely try more of this! Very fun.  

The little drawer pull knobs were to be used for putting pressure on the print.  The ink was brayered on the the surface and then the paper put on top and then pressed evenly.  The knobs were just a fun way to get even hard pressure on the print before pulling the print.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Diva Challenge: BUGLES

The Diva's challenge this week (June 8th entry) is Bugles. It is my understanding that the designer/inventor of this tangle thought the shapes reminded her of the Bugles corn snacks you can buy (can you still buy those?)  

Anyway…it's not a tangle that I actually "fancy" much.
Mine sort of has a kind of "lantern" look to it so I ended up "hanging" the tangle up.

And of course, this is a "variation" of the one on Linda Farmer's so you can go and search that out yourself.  I must admit I DID have fun with it and I am anxious to see what other people come up with on this challenge.  

The Diva's website is on "my favorite" blogs that I follow off to the right side.  If you click on and scroll down you'll eventually come to the place where you can click on active links to go and see what others have done.  The challenge just went up Monday so the list will grow throughout the week.  

The challenge ends each week on Sat night I think.
And then on Monday morning she posts a new challenge.  Laura is sure one amazing gal.  She's been doing this challenge for YEARS!  

Zentangle Calendar ahead...

For some reason this looks "blue" today.
Hmmm…I think when I scanned it I might have re-adjusted it incorrectly.  Anyway, it's NOT blue, it's white.  But it sort of looks nice in blue too.  

Getting a wee bit ahead again…with some very busy days set this week.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zentangle Calendar for June 3

I am trying to push ahead again a little.
My week is filling up with lots of things and with this "bum knee" I am finding I just cannot keep up with life the way I used to.  I must go slower!  

This is frustrating to me.
So my "Zen" tangles have been helpful this week.
Some not so good health news about a friend has weighed on my mind. 

AND the mosquitoes have doubled into a swarming frenzy here in the woods.  We had rain last night and it has made it much worse.  We didn't think it could GET worse.  OMGosh.  Have not seen it like this in the 25 years I've been coming up here.  There is just no point in being outside right now.  And more rain expected for a few days.  Wow.