Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Diva Challenge: Duo Tangle with your initial tangles

Voga, Sandswirl

The reason there is a stripe of color on the side of this tangle is that this is a "Random Act of Kindness Tangle".  Those of you who follow my blog on non-Diva days know that periodically I post about this neat idea.  

I make mine like a tiny 3.5" book of two tiles taped together with my hand-painted Washi tape.  (could be any tape). And then I leave the "Kindness Zentangle" in random places with a note on it saying "this is a gift for you.  Keep it or pass it on."  I do this anonymously but you could put your blog on it or you could put on it.  

I like it a two-tile so it will stand up by itself. But the one side could be made of colored paper or random cardboard…it wouldn't have to be a second tile.

I leave them in doctor's offices, nurses stations, churches, with my bill in restaurants where the service was excellent, and once even between two boxes of cereal in a grocery store!  hahahah.  Use your imagination.   

Inside I put a nice saying.  This one says:
"Do your little bit of good where are you;
it's those little bits of good, put together that 
overwhelm the world."  Desmond Tutu


  1. this is wonderful, ginny, and thanks for explaining how you set up your random act tiles. i like the idea of the standing tile :)

  2. What a fun way to do a RAZ. Your tile is lovely and I love the bit of washi tape on the side!

  3. Beautiful! If you come to a place where you left a tile, do you also (like me) look if it's gone? Fun.

  4. Wonderful tile! I like the bit of the washi tape, too! Wonderful idea your random act of kindness tiles!

  5. Ginny, I just love your idea!! I am so about little random acts of kindness! Love, love, love it!! I think I'm going to start this also!! I've never used Washi tape but I'm sure I can learn!! Thank you soooooooo much for sharing this with us! It is beautiful!! I think you've put a bee in my bonnet!! Thanks again!! :0) Share Humanity,(and you already did)

  6. It is a fun thing to do.lli love Margaret's comment about my Washi tape.
    It reminds me of an art teacher I once had. She said "If your painting is so bad that I have nothing to say about it, I'll comment on the frame."
    Hahaha. It became a standing joke in the class.
    I could say to Margaret, "So hiw do you like my Washi tape?"

    1. And by the way, the Washi tape is easy and fun to do.
      There are lots of "how to" videos on line.
      I use "paper tape" from the first aid section of the Dollar store...use acrylic paints from Michelson or Walmart... 50 cent bottles. And lots of stamps and stencils. I keep the finishers tape wrapped around smoothie straws. I think I might have some photos on my blog if you search the labels.