Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Acts of Zentangle Kindness

I've been taking the time to refresh my little bag of "Kindness Zentangle Tiles booklets".  Just two tiles taped together with colorful "washi" tape and then a nice little saying inside…a few lines from a favorite poem or psalm or a note saying to enjoy or pass it on.  

It wouldn't have to be two tiles.  One with the information on the back would be nice too.  The taping together however gives the tile booklet the ability to "stand up".  (One of the pages need not be a tile…it could be some colorful left over paper or a collage scrap.)

I initial them but don't sign them.  
I sometimes will put a reference to the Zentangle kindness project blog on the back.  Some people put their own email or blog so that people who find them can respond if they wish.  I like to remain anonymous.  

I leave them in waiting rooms, doctor's offices, nurse's stations, sometimes I leave one in the bathroom or bedroom at a home where I am a guest, restaurants (along with the check) if I have an exceptionally nice waitress/waiter, churches, motels when the service is especially good, even a grocery store now and then…I slip one between two boxes of cereal.  I always identify it as a "gift" so folks won't think it was lost.  

I keep them in a zip lock bag in my purse.  
They don't take up any room at all.
It'a great way to recycle your zentangle tiles!  
People often ask what I do with them all…that's one idea.  What do you do with yours?

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