Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Diva Challenge: natural stains for your tiles

Venetian, Chi, Morse

Okay first off, my natural stain is wild blueberries, picked here at the north woods cabin.  BUT big disclosure…the blue of this tile is manipulated in iPhoto.  The tile is NOT REALLY blue.  Ugh.  I think I will show you how it REALLY looks….

Okay here is how it really looks.  Better, huh?  Or not.
The blueberries did not really stain very blue..they came out on the Zentangle tile sort of bluish-gray.  And they look like I smudged the tile.  ARRGH.  That's why I tried coloring the tile fake blue to cover that up but I am not sure fake blue looks so good.  

I decided to use my purple .01 Sakura pen for this and shade with a blue colored pencil.  I put a little "blueberry pearl" on the top left.  Hahaha.  All the rainy cool weather has brought on a big batch of wild blueberries up here if you can stand picking in the midst of swarms of mosquitoes!  

My hubby sprayed up and gave it a shot so HE got most of them in his blueberry pancakes yesterday!

 I like the new tangle Chi but I used Linda Farmer's hint to start with step out #4 instead of the way the step out is shown.  THAT is much easier.  Put the triangles on the tile first.  Venetian has become a "mac and cheese" tangle for me.  Just love it.  


  1. I also played with the blue berries and found out that they dried more of the gray tones.... If you think of blue, I have yet to find something that will give me that.... Maybe blue kool aid, but that is not natural colors....but I know some that have dyed wool with it. The gray that the blue berries give can be used.... just have to know that it gives you the gray. For natural blue, maybe indigo? I know some about it but not to much to get me in to trouble.... :)

  2. I like the natural blue colouring… humm, might try my "blue" liquor and see what happens. Nicely done tile!

  3. I love the blueberry one, like the stains in i too.

  4. Lovely tile! I like the natural version!

  5. I like the natural color better. You did a great job of working with it as well.