Friday, July 31, 2015

Gelli plate printing fun with Stickers and Rollers

Self stick Gelli plate prints

I have been finding these CD/DVD labels at garage sales for cheap lately.  They make fun self stick prints for putting on stationary or bags or collages.  Very cool.  Pulling them off creates little gems of color/design!  I am thinking they will be totally fun to Zentangle around as well!  Buying round labels at Office Depot is expensive.  Keep your eye out at thrift shops and garage sales for them.  

Roller prints for all your printing needs!

This little plastic rolling pin was $1 find at the Dollar Store this past week.  I think I am going back to pick up a few more!  I am using self stick foam (from Michaels or WalMart) to cut designs to put on the pin and then you roll out your print/design either on paper or right on the Gelli plate!  (You can see I've been using a turquoise paint.)  Cynthia showed me how to do this last year on her home made rolling pins…but this is easier!  

The circles are from a "sink drainer" also from the Dollar Store.  I still have the rest of the roller to decorate but have not had time to get back to it yet.  I am using fun scissors with blade designs for cutting the foam and hole punches.  

I applied double stick carpet tape on the roller first to adhere the plastic circles.  Then covered the sticky part of the tape still showing with a little mat medium.  Seems to be working just fine.  
That double sided carpet tape is VERY tacky and useful to making all kinds of stamps.  And not expensive!  

Just got back from 4 day trip to MN and we had a lovely time.
Cool here in the north woods again…low 70s and the issue lately has not been rain but rather WIND.  Seems so windy every day and that makes for discomfort on the lake and pier even though the temps are not bad.  

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