Friday, July 10, 2015

I haven't got a "CLUE"

5 x 8 journal page
Deli paper background
Journal Prompt week # 28 is to post about a game you loved as a child.  GUESS what game this is?

We just taught it to our youngest grandchildren.  Ah the power of deduction!!!  It's fun to see people posting about hopscotch, ball bouncing games, pinocle, and paper dolls!

I took the opportunity to practice some different printing styles…something I really would like to practice more.  Strathmore has a class online in September that I think will deal with calligraphy.
I am signed up for that one!

Can't believe it's week 28 of the journal prompt commitment.
So far I haven't missed a week BUT some weeks were not very imaginative.  The coordinator is in Europe on a trip but she looks at the FB group often and makes encouraging comments.  Her posts are splendid!  

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