Thursday, July 9, 2015

Student kit for Gelli Plate Workshop

Student kit for Gelli Plate workshop (see more below)

Samples of various Gelli Plate techniques

Okay…so after a good email chat with Gelli plate instructor, Laurel Check, I decided a couple things about my upcoming class on Aug 19th, Minocqua, WI (see side bar for details).   

1. I needed a good kit of materials for students to get started with*. (see my description below). In addition there is a supply list that is emailed to students. 

2. I needed (like Laurel) to allow students who do not want to spend $25 on an 8 x 10 Gelli plate until  some experimentation is done, to bring either plexiglass or glass to work on as a substitute.  

One of my kits is laying on top of piece of glass taped with "Duck" tape.  It comes in such great designs now!!!
My early experiments with glass and plexiglass really show up the advantages of having a Gelli plate!  BUT I do think you can get a "feel" for the fun multi media approach.  

*So..take a look at the kit above.
Starting with top left:
A styro plate to cut out some fun designs (circles to start folks off), cotton string, plastic grid, deli paper strips, rubber textured shelf matting, bubble wrap, plastic circles cut from mailing envelopes, old charge or gift card, plastic coated playing card cut into interesting shapes with craft scissors, onion bag netting, and in the middle, plastic hanger from a local store. (I plan to bring in some ferns, and leaves as well on the day of the workshop.) And students will bring things too.

The apron is just one demonstration of some of the many techniques and a reminder that it is fun to do on fabric as well as paper.

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