Saturday, January 7, 2017

Poster Child

large poster 4' by 4' on foam core painted with black Gesso

4' x 4' foam core poster

I found a really nice use for some of my gelli prints this week.  I got asked to make two posters for the Lake County Florida Fundraiser being put on by the Women for Hospice.  They put on a luncheon here at our park in late January each year.

The theme this year is "Empty Your Purse for Hospice".  The co-chair have asked people to donate flat bottom purses in order to put a vase of flowers in each one as centerpieces for the tables.
The posters continue the theme.  

In these photos I have not yet glued the papers to the foam core.
Actually they look a lot more professional once glued down.  I added a few tweaks with white opaque pens.  The purses have some "bling" on them with buttons, ribbons, fake rhinestones, and lace.  The toy money is "spilling out" as donations.  So they are ready for pick up on Monday.  

I painted both sides of the foam core with black gesso.  I had hoped to do just one side but the whole thing warped pretty badly.
So I had to do both sides to get it to flatten out. I probably spent a good 6 hours all told putting these two together.  Not counting the dry time between things.  

But it is for a good cause.

Boy we are getting a cold spell here in central FL tonight.  A direct result of the horrible midwest cold and storms up north.
And the Chicago area will have bitter cold the next two days...tomorrow night they will be zero.  So that means we will plunge for two nights too...we'll be 44 tonight and 33 tomorrow night.  Whew...have to bring my hanging plants in tomorrow night.  My sister has snow in South Carolina!  But then we make a huge swing back up almost immediately with 80 for a high on Thursday.  Whew...that is better.  

Homes down here are not geared for bitter cold. We don't have insulation and thermo pane windows or serious central heat.  What is killing us tonight is the bitter cold north wind.  Bringing wind chills way down.  I've even pulled the drapes on the windows on that side of the house.  

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