Thursday, January 12, 2017

Urban Sketching in Leesburg, FL: Mote Morris House

8 x 10 watercolor on Multi Media paper

Sketch before color

Enjoying a gorgeous 78 degree morning.

We had 12 artists show up today to paint in Leesburg.  
Wonderful to see so many talented folks.  We started around 10 and had lunch at 12:30 at Blooms.  Some folks stayed on to paint on the streets of the town in the afternoon.  

My Palette

My palette colors follow Brenda Swenson's palette...mostly. Most of them are Daniel Smith brand.  Leaf Green, Hansa Yellow, Raw Sienna, Quin Gold, Winsor Orange (Winsor Newston), Scarlet Lake, Aliziran Crimson, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Violet, Ultra Marine Blue, Cobalt, Antwerp, Cerelean, Bamboo, Viridian, Quinn Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Magnetite (a granular black).  

You can follow Brenda' blog here.

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