Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zentangle® Tiles on Sunday

Chemystery, Koryl

Triange, Gyro, Bilt, Auraknot, Jalousie

Hi-C, Lacy, Hurry, Mooka, Confettus, Laces

BB, Steem, Crescent Moon, Wartz, Unyun
I had some short wait-time before and after church today.  These 4 little 3.5" tiles seemed just to appear. The first one I call "Bird on a Nest" and the second one is "Cornucopia".  No titles for the last two.  You can name them for me.

I have now put together a little "packet" of supplies that I can take with me as I travel (we leave Friday for Florida). Two pens #01 and #05, pencil, stump which I have put into an old toothbrush holder and a pack of blank tiles and my small packet of tangle references tucked into a pocket folder.  I miss having the "how to" instructions on some of the newer tangles or more complicated one.  But that book is too heavy and cumbersome to carry around with me. So it has to get packed where I can't get at it easily.  Sigh.  But I also have several watercolor packs I keep handy for travel too.  My poor hubby has quite a time getting me packed!  And we travel in a PT cruiser!  

4 days and counting.  AND we are supposed to have SNOW by Friday.  
Today, however, we have THE  most gorgeous color in the trees I think I have ever seen.  Lucky us.   

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