Saturday, October 6, 2012

Starting to Tangle an Apron

You knew it would come to this. Didn't you?
Again this is not an original idea.
Sandy Bartholomew has a fantastic one on her blog!

This is not nearly so beautiful! It is designed to show off some of my more favorite tangle patterns. I have two spots left to tangle on the lower half and ran out of a steam for today.

I drew a line across the middle and am working now on filling the bottom half.
I am thinking about doing something a little different on the top half featuring more "organic" tangles like Feather fall and Mooka, etc I will insert either my name or the word Zentangles on the bib.

I ordered the white canvas aprons 3/$11 at and then picked them up at a local store so no shipping charge.

We are out to dinner now with my daughter's family.

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