Saturday, March 30, 2019

Prompt 30: Collections

Of course I draw collections all the time.  
So this prompt actually was harder because I went blank for a bit.

I mean I drew clocks and I drew shoes...things like that.  Multiples of things that we own is what the prompt is about.  

Candle holders used to be a big thing for me...I had a lot of them.  But downsizing happened.  You can't be carrying those all around.  So I am down to 4 sets.  And the tall green one is the only one now that has real meaning to me anymore. It was gift from my sister and my daughter Beth (Christmas I think) many many moons ago.  

I was so pleased.  And somehow I've managed to keep them (a pair) in tact!  After all these years.  Fun.  I love the green with red candles at Christmas.  The other shorter green one Greg bought after we saw a glass blowing demonstration at a glass store.  I don't think this one was blown.  But we wanted something to remember the nice event.  At least that is my recollection.  The others are garage sale finds here in Florida.  

Usually by now, the prompt is out for the next day.  But the administrator of the FB group is keeping is in dark about the last prompt until tomorrow.  

Which is my son's birthday!  
So I shall have to try to call him and wish him a happy day!  

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  1. I love the colours too! Beautiful work, lovely subject .