Saturday, March 16, 2019

Prompt 16 and my March Littles

The prompt for March 16 was to create two triadic bits and two split complimentary bits.  The instructions were to divide page into 4 and use an object on a table so that you had 3 things to paint in each section.  A bowl was suggested but I've never been one to follow instructions exactly.  This required a look at a color wheel to complete.  

I am continuing on sporadically with my "littles" for March.  It's fun to see other sketches who do this now beginning to see some signs of spring (remote signs).  I know in Wisconsin the signs are pretty rare yet.  Mostly more rain than snow which I guess is a step up?  Incidentally my washer got fixed promptly.  Need to get to the pool again soon but this week looks cloudy and a little rain.  So am not sure when.  And temps are hanging around 70 for highs this week which is not quite pool-like.  Back to 80 next weekend.  

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