Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cards and bookmarks

These are greeting cards with envelopes on Strathmore stationary.

These bookmarks will be for sale in February at Hawthorne Park's Fine Art Show.

This weekend there were a few moments between Advent activities to squeeze in a few cards and bookmarks.  I love adding a touch of red in a spot on  Zentangles®.  

It was in the mid-80s in Florida today which is actually way above normal for Dec.  We are curled up this evening watching the snow in Green Bay during the Packer's game.  Now THAT looks the December I know and love!  Well "used" to love.

Go Packers! 

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  1. I came to your blog an hour ago ,, and cannot leave without a comment here. I am in awe of your work ... ALL of it!
    I went back and back and back again, unbelievable talent, your amazing ability to try all new things.. . What first caught my eye was your Zentangles, which of course I had to try a while back , but your ability for watercolor, pen and ink etc, is what kept me here... I'll be back , I don't see a 'Followers" but I've favorited you ..
    I live in Florida too .. all year round. .
    Your word verification thingy is very difficult to read, just a suggestion , you may want to opt out of it.. A lot of people don't even try to leave a comment when they see that... but this blog is worth it. !! I'll try !!
    Happy painting, Barbra Joan