Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making a Zentangle B-day Card.

Zedra, Hollibaugh, Cubine (variation) Fox Trot, Golvan (variation),
Betweed, Kunstler, Laces, Facets, Rounding, Striping

    What a gorgeous day in Florida.  I'm sort of taking it easy with my's better but not ALL better and I want to feel good next week when we have company.  
    This Zentangle® is on a card w/envelope and it's my hubby's birthday card (on Dec 26th). His initials and mine are the same!  I traced the letters this time from some stencils I had.  
    If you know your tangles, see if you can match up some of them to their names?  Fox Trot is hot off the press. I think those funny little "eyes" in Kunstler are a stitch. They look like eyes to me anyway.  
   Have a super duper good weekend everyone. We are going to the Christmas Model Train show up in The Villages on Friday.  

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