Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thalia the muse of Comedy

Jester, Socc, Speghetti & Meatballs, Germie, Paradox

Once in awhile I find a patterns that just tickles my fancy.  Jester is one of those.  It's the one on the bottom left that is actually a variation of Knightsbridge.  I am drawn to the more "whimsical" tangles I think.  Also the first time I tried "Germie" which is a hysterical name for the little "germ like" things drifting up on the right hand top corner.  I like the whimsical names too!  

Also the whimsical doll you see is my "muse" who is dubbed "Thalia".  After the greek muse of comedy. She is around in my studio to remind me of the lighter side of life and to make me grin.  Just having a doll with gray hair makes me smile to begin with!  If I can't think of anything to draw...I can always sketch her.  She is very forgiving and polite.  She has bendable arms and knees so she can sit in lots of positions and not hurt her back (like me!).  Although I am feeling better today.  



  1. Ginny, adorable post and want to tell you I also made this doll some years ago. I'm going to send a pic of her in an em.
    Yes. I'm still tangling. ! I incorporated some into a few (very few) Christmas cards with w/c accents.. Lots of fun... BJ

  2. Love Thalia. She's adorable in a very aristocratic way. I have a funny feather bird pen in my studio that gives me a chuckle every time I see it.

  3. So glad you dropped in on my blog Cynthia.
    It's fun when folks leave a comment now and then.
    Several friends I know MAKE these dolls. I guess you can buy the patterns for them.
    Making dolls is NOT my thing.
    I loved her gray hair...WHO has a doll with gray hair?! She called out to me.
    Obviously she is "hand-made" but I bought her at a craft and holiday show maybe 5 years ago.
    Barbara Joan (above) sent me photos of dolls SHE has darling!
    Come again.