Thursday, October 7, 2010

Having a little fun with Tulouse

On Wednesday it was the last meeting of the Manito Art League (Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin). Artist, Jane Schmaltz, presented the group with a wonderfully creative diversion between the meeting and the pot luck lunch!

She first created mini versions of several famous Tulouse Lautrec paintings. Then she cut them into pieces and then she took blank watercolor paper and enlarged the shape of the pieces (see below).

We each took several and enlarged them without knowing what the original was. We worked in all kinds of mediums.

Assembly came later.

It was a lot of fun. Thanks Jane!!!


  1. I really love these, Ginny! What a creative idea. I also enjoyed your blog on the canoe strip and beautiful photos. Have a safe trip south.

  2. Canoe trip- NOT "Strip!" tee hee

  3. Yes Barb...but it does take quite a bit of prep for the presenter when you come to think of it. Later I emailed Jane to thank her. She made small replicas of the paintings from the book (quite a lot of work in itself!). Then cut them into pieces...then enlarge the pieces 2 to 1. She painted the faces herself ahead of time knowing that that might "give it away". Then she taped them all together afterwards. If I were doing this I'd want a helper!!!