Sunday, October 25, 2015

Back in the studio again! WHEW!

FINALLY got my studio unpacked here in central FL. 
Been at least three, almost 4 weeks since I had a studio and boy was I missing my space! It takes a week to pack it, so why was I so surprised it took a week to unpack it??? I keep the spot under the window for multi-media work and the desk to the right for watercolor and Zentangle, etc.  Temps 85 here every day.  Gorgeous.  

However it did not help that I came back with the flu.  And a doozy of one.  Headache, body aches, cough, sore throat and temperature.  Luckily it didn't come on until day 13 of the trip.  So most of our wonderful adventures were done.  Poor sis got stuck with me being in bed most of my visit to her in SC! 

Saw the doctor this past Wed but she says it's a viral flu and I have to "be brave" and stick it out.  Sigh.  Brave?  Me?

Am turning my thoughts to the beginner watercolor class coming up on the 9th here at the park…at least 10 students and maybe a few more.
I thought maybe Cheryl Moote's nice fall line drawing might be an easy one for a starter. 

What about wet on wet first with a a nice warm palette?
Teach about "layering"?  Seemed like a good idea. It is very small…like 5.5 x 7.5".  

But you know what?  This is too complicated for "beginner-beginners".  Too many objects, too much shading, too much texture, and we don't have that much time!

Back to the drawing board.  
I need a simpler thing…probably a simpler still life.
Anyone have a good idea?  Maybe just a mug and an apple or something like that?  

This is my drawing of a "Rat Rod" that I saw recently up north.
I'd like to try this in watercolor next.  Wish Barb Sailor was here with me to advise me on "rust".  Although in reality this was not rusty…I think it would be fun to give it a little rust.  

Have a good Sunday everyone. 

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