Monday, November 21, 2016

Back to sketching!

pencil and pen and wc in 90# Strathmore Mixed Media Sketchbook

I can't believe how little I've been in the studio the past few weeks…that is in the studio to make art or record art making.  ARRRGH.  (as Charlie Brown would say.)

I've been "teaching" art…taught a wc botanical class one morning and taught a Zentangle beginner's class one morning.
And I now am set up to teach another Zentangle in January (see side bar).   Okay Susan…this is your chance!

In between all this hubby and I hit the ground running here in Fl. In addition to teaching two classes, hubby had some minor outpatient surgery, I survived a nasty fall (all recovered now) and then we had this wild and wooly list of things that needed to get done like 1)buy a new golf card 2)buy hubby his new Laziboy recliner for Christmas and 3) host a luncheon with old friends 4) meet another old friend for a day at the Plant and Garden Show 5) publish a newsletter for the art group and yadda yadda yadda.  

So where is daily ART in this picture?  See what I mean?
Okay I need to get back on track.  AND somewhere in the next few weeks I need to get to the Apple store to discuss a new computer which you KNOW will consume a bunch of time too!

The String Ensemble concert yesterday was a wonderful quiet interlude and Marlene and I were fortunate to get guest passes to see it!  Very nice!  Thank you Carolyn! 

I did get up to DKs to get a painting framed for the spring LAA show.  And this Sat is the first Leesburg Art Association meeting I'll be able to make!  That should get me back in the groove.

I have several "major art projects" I'd like to get to, but first I'll finish the Christmas letter which is very late this year!  I have an interesting twist on how to do that this year.  BUT I need to get to it.  We've had a little stretch of chilly weather hit central FL while our neighbors to the north in WI and MN got SNOW!  
But we'll be back to 80 by Tuesday.  Meanwhile TO THE STUDIO!  

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