Thursday, December 29, 2016

Do not disappoint the squirrel of judgement

Someone posted this on Facebook and I am sorry I don't have a reference for where it came from.
But it hit both my funny bone AND my "uh oh" bone.
You wouldn't want to disappoint the "squirrel of judgment"!!!  Hahaha.

Having TWO new computer devices arrive for Christmas has "sucked" a LOT of time over the last two weeks...getting things "migrated" from one computer to the other, getting used to a new format for my Apple (Sierra) and then also a new format on my new iPad.  How nuts with THAT decision.  Hahaha. is that for a confession!  

Back to art...I have a huge array of ideas on my studio problem about what ideas to create...more a problem of where to start.  I usually start with clean up and organization.  This NEEDS to get done.  I want to throw open the studio windows this morning (it's 85 again here in central complaints there).  

When perplexed, I always start with re-organization.  I finished up the paper clay projects (for now) and I'd like to move back to wc painting and sketching for part of January. Some new ideas on the back burner there.  And I'd like to work a bit on the ZenAgain workshop I am planning for later in January here in the park (for folks who had basic course already). 

I haven't done any gelli printing this fall at all.  
That studio table is mess.  Sigh.  A catch all.  

I am trying to work up a group here in the park for a "drawing a day" challenge until Feb 6 (about 4 weeks).  I think I need the support for that challenge too.  I am always inspired by Danny Gregory.  That link by the way takes you to a little video about drawing every day.  There is a new course on Sketchbook Skool if you want to get serious about it. off to that organization excitement.  Hahaha.  Photos of neat and tidy studio to follow.  I hope.

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  1. I feel for you with the computer stuff. My computer is on its way out and I'm dreading when it's time to get a new one for the same reasons you mentioned here. I've also been organizing some of my art stuff hoping to help motivate me. And like you, ideas for sketching is not my's having so many I feel overwhelmed not being able to decide and end up doing nothing. I'll have to check back into Danny's been awhile :-)