Sunday, July 30, 2017

A morning on Rest Lake

Last Thursday turned out to be a splendid morning.
The breeze was gentle, the temperatures just right.  4 of us joined together to enjoy delightful few hours painting and sketching at a local YMCA camp on Rest Lake.  Don't you love the name of that lake?  REST Lake.  There is another lake near us called Sunday Lake.  I like that name too. 

There were tons of kids (about 8-12 ages groups) all over the place and they had lots of large tents set up sleeping probably 8 kids.  Joyous shouts and the tinkle of laugher accompanied us all morning.

I had not been there before.  Very nice camp.  Brought back lots of memories of my years as a Girl Scout both as a camper and a counselor. 

The fierce totem pole seemed to feature many turtles.  And an eagle at the top.  The door knobs here on the lodges were small canoe paddles.  (I loved that!) I got some nice shadows on the tent.  Afterwards we had lunch in Manitowish Waters.  

I have tried hard to be better about getting to the paint outs this year.  Even (as you may remember when it is only 50 out there!)

Life has slowed slightly now as August approaches.  All the grandkids that are coming this year have come and gone.  I am a little sad about that.  Greg has closed up the loft and put the ladder away for the season.   We expect some adult friends in August, two in September.  

And I am hoping that my two daughters will come up for "Girl's Weekend" over Labor Day.  We did that last year and made some lasting memories.  I adore those two girls!  Never get enough of them.  

My memoir is going slowly and I do need get more disciplined for that.  I am easily distracted and get off on various small projects or have to get to town for one thing or another and time slides along. Or I get into a book on the summer porch and am lulled into another time and place.  I really will  try hard this month!!!

Hoping to publish more from the library later this week as I have some photos to share.  But internet connections are SO slow here at the cabin.  
Have a good week everyone.

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