Sunday, October 13, 2019

Inktober 10,11, and 12

Cubine, InaFlux, Floo

We are "on the road again".  
Currently in Elgin, Illinois for an overnight stay at a Quality Inn.
Drove out of the cabin driveway in a blizzard of snow yesterday.  
What a send-off!  We knew for sure it was time to go.

The blizzard continued for almost two hours of the drive south and then turned to cold slushy rain.  Not pleasant.

Finally drove out of it into cloudy skies in northern Illinois.
We expect some sun today but temps here are only going to get to about 45.  Still, it will be dry and cheery.  THAT is good.  Today is my big early birthday celebration in Warrenville, Ill.  Such fun. Some photos to follow.

And a chance to visit with darling Violet Virginia, my 15 month old great granddaughter who flew in from CA on Wednesday.  

Here's the update from friend Maureen...


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