Saturday, November 30, 2019

On Autumn's Porch

Autumn made us a lovely tea with cookies that afternoon and we had a good visit.  It had been too long!  

I started the pencil work on this sketch while I waited for tea to brew and then took a photo and finished it at home.  This is my
 9 x 12 Strathmore Visual Journal and Lamy pen.  

Autumn is not sure what the flowers are...she got them from her mom.  They are just a flaming orange red...I hope we can figure out what they are.  I could not get my iNaturalist app to work that afternoon.  (Since fixed it.) You then take a photo of a plant and it will find the name for you!  

We talked a lot about my "time" travels through the book I've recently been discussing and we both talked about how we are preparing to face our futures and how we try to live our days.
We updated each other on our families and talked about her alligator on the shore of the river. OH my he is huge! 

(It's funny, with the date stamp I use...I something think as I reset it for the current day, that the particular date I am setting won't ever come around again.  Ever.  Not in my lifetime and not in anyone's life time.  It sort of makes the day seem a bit more important.) 

Maureen and I are finishing up the preparations for the Zentangle reunion to be held January 8.  It's so nice to have someone to share the class with!  

This is the format we plan to use but people are free to change things up both in the design and the tangles as they wish.
I have not watercolored mine yet.  5 x 7.

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