Saturday, April 24, 2021

Maps and Birds...working in acrylic

 16 x 20"Acrylic and liquid Watercolor on gallery wrapped canvas
"The Elegance of Limits"

Other possible titles? "GPS Directions", "Orange States vs Yellow States" , "City Planning", "Gerrymandering", or "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"? Can you think of one?

This abstract started with a "paint throw" with Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus Fine Art liquid watercolor out on the lawn one sunny afternoon in the fall in Florida.  Why?  Don't know...It just felt right.  I can't say why.  Throwing paint or splattering paint can free you up when you feel you've started painting way too tight.  

I've painted "on this" and "at this" for now maybe 4-5 months...dabbling here and there on it both in Florida and then here in Madison.  Sort of comforting knowing I had something unfinished that just needed some "dabbling" on.  This is not I must feel it's not completely done yet.  

Then at the same time, I had a title "Birds on a Wire" but  the painting hadn't started.  Sometimes it works that way too.  This is planned to be a diptych with two 16 x 20 canvas panels.  That's a lot of birds.  But birds are sort of theme with me this time of year and in this apartment up in the Sycamore Tree.  

I am still sketching and keeping my journals in watercolor but I am sort of off on an acrylic theme right now.  Friend, Mary, acknowledge this trend by sending me some lovely bird song.  Click here.  I hope it opens for you.  Just click on a bird to hear it sing.  

My journal for April has begun but it slowed down a bit.  Greg is thinking about his garden now as May approaches.  We went to the West Side Farmer's market this morning and got him some tomato plants to get him started.  I think I need to put them in the journal.  Also wonderful Cinnamon Scones.  

The Zoom Zentangle class is tomorrow afternoon.  That should be fun.  More on that later.  

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  1. Dear Ginny,sounds like you are indeed settling in.I am not doing much art, had some health challenges but enjoy seeing yours so much,sending hugs