Friday, December 19, 2014

Hot glue stencil day

here's one held up in my hand

12" x 8"

Okay so I've done this before…but these are larger and more intricate and complicated.  All done with a glue gun on parchment paper and hand pressed flat between parchment papers (like a sandwich) while still hot so as to keep them nice and flat and not too bumpy.

They are mainly to be used as stencils but can so be used to make prints. With the cost of commercial plastic stencils so high, these free form are very attractive and of course they are personal.   

And for people with short attention spans like me, they are wildly fun as they are almost instantly ready to use!  I have read on other bloggers posts that the favorite glue gun is Aleene's Ultimate Glue Gun (which comes with several removable tips.  But it is a little pricey so I am just using your every-day glue for these.  

I'll try some of these on my Gelli® plate this afternoon and post how they look.  (I can't believe my faithful blog follower, Mary Gayle, is still asking "What's a Gelli Plate?) If there is anyone who doesn't know, google "gelli plate" and find the home website for the company and watch one of their beginner videos.  Deli paper is not the only paper you can use for this.  Any paper will generally do..even card stock.  But deli paper is fun and inexpensive and when glued down it has some neat properties. You can get it at Sam's club cheap (or even order it on Amazon but it's a tad pricer there.)  

We finished up our Christmas shopping this afternoon and now I have some wrapping to do!!!  Tomorrow "should" be warm enough for the pool and I am anxious for a swim!  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Card

Mono-print strip collage as a card w/envelope

I cut the mono-print collage into card size and glued it on a greeting card for my granddaughter's birthday coming up.  The envelope has a strip of washi tape on it.  It makes a very pretty and colorful card!!!

Gelli print combs

Comb Mono Print on Gelli Plate
9 x 5.5"

This was fun but I learned a lot I'd do differently next time.  After the paint (acrylic) dried I added highlights with a white charcoal pencil and shading with a blue colored pencil.  Then some zentangles on the edges but next time I'll repaint the edges a lighter color so the tangles show up a little more (I think).  You could also "cut out" the comb swirls and add them to journal pages or cards or collages.  If you did it on deli paper, it would be semi transparent.  This was done on 90# drawing paper.  

The combs were purchased at Michaels years ago (Martha Stewart brand) but you can cut your own out of old credit cards.  Just be careful not to make them too sharp that you will mar the gelli plate surface.  

Paper strip collage

8" x 10"
This is a collage of torn paper strips from gelli prints (on deli paper and other kinds of lightweight paper).  I sometimes use old music paper and book pages to paint on as well.  You can find them for penny's at garage sales.

The substrate is just copy paper because I want to be able to cut this into any shape I want after it dries.  It's glued together with gel medium.  (My favorite collage sticker-together).  

This is my first one but I have seen this done other places so it's not my original idea.  But because everyone's papers are original, they all look original.

I have been looking at some of the "print maker" and "collage artist" blogs in the past couple of days and you get "into it" after awhile.  

I signed up for Traci Batista's free Strathmore class that start in March.
She is somewhat of a "guru" in the printmaking and collage area.  I am also signed up for a CZT Facebook group that is going to do "prompted" journals after the first of the year.  

The above would make a nice "journal" page to work on with other medium such as printing with stamps or it can be cut into shapes.  I think I'd like to have a "cache" of these strip collages on hand.  Great way to use up some of the gelli prints that didn't turn out quite the way I hoped.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Well, some tangles are REALLY "far out" and this is one of them.  Besides it being Christmas next week it is also my hubby's birthday on 12/26.  SO because he is a train buff, the Christmas Zentangle train is just for him!  (Yes that's his face in the window!)  

Crazy as it is, this was a lot of fun to do. 
Thanks to metallic Jelly Roll pens!  
Merry Christmas everyone.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tangle A Day calendar in the Holiday Mood

I'm sort of squeezing these together now…continuing with the holiday theme and posting them a tad bit ahead as I'll be gone Christmas week.  

I am absolutely going nuts on Christmas week calendar entries because it's not only Christmas but Greg's birthday.
I'll probably post it in a day or so.  I'm afraid I got VERY carried away on that one!!! Hahaha.  

Then soon we are off to SC we to visit my sister and her hubby and our nephew, David, coming in from CA.  Lots of good food, movies, jig saw puzzles, card games, sleeping late, singing around the player piano and just enjoying family!  


Monday, December 15, 2014

Journal Cover

A journal cover I designed this afternoon using a gelli plate, collage, and stamps.  (The back is similar but slightly different colors.)

5.75" x 8.25" the journal has a heavy bendable lightweight cardboard cover stapled on.
Michaels had a sale last week with journals two for the price of one.  Hard to resist.  These are 50 pages and are only $4.  I'm involved in a journal challenge for 2015 and we have been asked to find ourselves a blank journal so we are ready to start.

I decided I'd feel much freer if I did not spend a lot of $ on a journal.  Free to experiment with no big commitment involved.  I have tons of journals that I use for watercolor sketches.  But I think that the kind of journal that I'll be working on will be a different kind of journal than that.  

The size seemed right for me too.  
I'll keep you in the know on how this project proceeds.

K.I.S.S. is Keep It Simple, Silly. Challenge # 198


Waiting for a chance to try a new tangle called Akoya…so simple and yet so delightful.  The challenge is just to do a "simple" tangle during the holiday rush.  

Zentangle Workshop in Orlando Paper

Am hoping for a good turn out for the Jan 10 workshop…my first really "commercial" venture out into the Zentangle world.  Taught lots of private classes or classes open to the public through art leagues.  But this is my first venture into the world of just plain commercial classes (offered through an art store).  And my first Saturday class.  

Meanwhile my "holiday tangle a day" calendar proceeds toward culmination.  Imagine…365 entries almost done.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Tangle A Day

Okay…I hope I didn't already post this one.  
I am REALLY out of order now.  This is last week.

Christmas Tangle a Day

I am sort of jumping around posting my calendar this month.
Sometimes I do a "challenge" tangle and have to post it out of order so now I am going back and trying to pick up a few of the 3-day tangles that I missed posting before.  Actually this is next week's tangles (just to confuse things).  My goal is to try to something a little Christmassy each day up to the 25th.

The tangle-a-day Facebook Group is already trying to think up how we'll do up the last day of the month which is, luckily,  on a semi-blank page…just the one day by itself…leaving us LOTS of room on the page to play!  WHAT to do!  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Blue Marble photo celebrates its 42nd anniversary

It was on this day in 1972  (December 7) that astronauts on the Apollo 17 spacecraft took a famous photograph of Earth, a photo that came to be known as "The Blue Marble." Photographs of Earth from space were relatively new.
In 1948, the astronomer Fred Hoyle said, "Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from the outside, is available - once the sheer isolation of the Earth becomes plain - a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose."
The photograph captured on this day 39 years ago was the first clear image of the Earth, because the sun was at the astronauts' back, and so the planet appears lit up and you can distinctly see blue, white, brown, even green. It became a symbol of the environmental movement of the 1970s, and it's the image that gets put on flags, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and posters.
The crew of Apollo 17 was about 28,000 miles away from Earth when they took the Blue Marble photo. It was the last time that astronauts, not robots, were on a lunar mission - since then, no people have gotten far enough away from Earth to take a photo like it.

Thanks to Garrison Keillor's daily blog for this snippet.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

TV Fun

Channel 98 is our closed TV channel for Hawthorne Park here in Florida.  Periodically I get asked to display my art in the park library and to appear as a guest on the "Art in Park" show with my friend Jane as moderator.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun as I also did a short demo on Gelli plates (mono printing) for everyone (that's what I am doing in the second photo).  Otherwise I get interviewed about my background, media I use and classes I teach.  I also "plug" events happening in our park that have to do with the art program.  We were on for about half an hour or so…very fun.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diva Challenge: Dolls

You have to forgive me for skipping way ahead…but I already did Dec 7,8,9 and then the Diva's challenge this week came out with "dolls" as the challenge.  I couldn't get gingerbread cookies out of my mind.  SO I went ahead an put them in the calendar!  
I used watercolor and colored pens.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Christmas Pudding

Monday night there was a delightful orchestra/choral event at our community building in our Florida park.  It is affectionately called "The Christmas Pudding" because of it's yummy mixture of Christmas music delights.  

THAT did it.  Christmas started to come for us!  Such wonderful happy evening!   We went out humming happily. 

 My calendar for the rest of the week is shimmery full of trees because in our hall, each club puts out a tree reflecting something about what that club does.  The art tree is full of little tubes of paint, brushes, and colored pencils.  Photo to follow.  The main hall then is lined with 100 lighted 2' trees.  Absolutely stunning!  

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday tangles for the calendar

Well, believe it or not…here we are…the last month of 2014.
Holiday festivities are looming right up with a happy ring to them…choruses, concerts, church events, caroling, besides the cards, letters, gifts and well…we all know how it goes.

It won't be hard to be festive in the Tangle a Day calendar because every tangle looks Christmassy if you add red and green!  But my goal to find 25 days of Christmas tangles will be fun.  

So here's to a blessed Advent season to everyone.  

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tangling into Advent

I am still pretty comatose from all that turkey.
How about you?  OH MY gosh.
GREAT dinner, Marlene…thank you!!!

Moving along right toward Advent now.

When I started my Tangle A Day last Jan 1…well…it seems like just yesterday.  As I flip back through I kind of wish I had jotted down some little journaling thoughts on some of the weeks.  I think that is what I will do on next year's calendar.
5-10 words telling about that week.  Maybe I'll try it during Advent just to see how I like doing that.

I wish you a blessed Advent season.  

Photoclips and Zentangle


How Fotoclips work

With these small clear plastic clips you are supposed to clip together your photographs but obviously I had another idea in mind.  

I am sure I saw this somewhere else but it took me a year or two to remember to order the clips.  A box of 110 clips is about $13 or $14 on Amazon.  This took about 35 or so clips to make the wall hanging above.  

The examples on the box show all of them being used and then several boxes of them being used and a whole wall is covered.  THAT is pretty impressive!

You can also use them somewhat 3-D and they come with a few "orange" clips and actually work at 90 degree angles.  But that didn't fit my needs here.   

You could easily hang this with nails and picture hangers too, rather than a ribbon, so that that part would be invisible if you wanted to.  I wanted this to be "mobile" so I could pick it up and take it to Zentangle classes if I wanted to.  I think you could mix it up with different sized tiles to make it funky too.  

I think this would make a darling Christmas gift for a tangler or a photographer or a college student.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finishing a painting with hand rubbed wax

I have posted this painting in an earlier stage before.  It's a small watercolor/ink done on clay board with gallery wrap wood finished 1" sides…unusual for a watercolor.  I liked that I could "scratch" out whites if I wished and lift like Yupo.  It is a little easier than Yupo to work on but similar.  Laying a wash is very difficult (note blue shadow at the base…no way could I smooth that out entirely.  Am hoping it will "read" that the floor was uneven since the walls are stone and it obviously out of doors.

The painting was finished by coating it with wax.  
It is a soft paste wax made for finishing paintings called Dorland's Wax Medium. Usually it is for acrylic or oil painting but some artists actually use it on paper with water media as well.

I put the first coat on with my fingers.  I put a second coat on 24 hours after the first using a soft paper towel.  Now I hope to leave it to dry for at least a week.  My hope is that it will dry enough that I can "burnish" it some.  It has a nice soft non glare finish to it, but I would like it more to "glisten".  I think the trick is to let it dry thoroughly now before touching it again.  I am wondering about lambs wool or something very soft for the burnishing.  Ideas?

Meanwhile I am preparing the 7 paintings I'll need to go into the Hawthorne Park Library exhibit for the month of December.  I have one that needs framing but otherwise I think I am set to go.  I'll be interviewed on in-house TV on Dec 5th.  That's always fun!  

Zentangle Challenge: Mixing it up

Okay so this challenge was to take a tangle that was designed to be more "free flowing" and put it into a grid OR take a tangle designed to be a "grid" tangle and make it free-flowing.

Does that make sense?

So I took out Wheelz (more free flowing) and designed it into a grid pattern.  Then I took out Warble (a grid) and tried it as a more free flowing tangle.  

I think the graphics are self explanatory.  
Where they are labeled is the original design.  
You didn't have to do both but once you get started on this challenge you then HAVE to try to see what would happen the other way.  I think for me, it's much easier to take a grid and let it flow than the other way around.  

Thanks Sandy Hunter for this interesting challenge as I would not have thought of this!!!  Fun.