Thursday, May 21, 2015

Journal Prompt #21

Because I am traveling I chose to make my hand out of an old map.

The prompt says "use hands any way you want".
Won't it be fun to see all the ways folks choose to interpret it?

I chose to look up words and phrases that include the word hand.
The background was prepared ahead using deli paper printed on my Gelli plate.

The words were fun..I had no idea there were so many words and phrases
With hand in it: example...handcrafted, handmaiden, panhandle, handwritten, handcuff, etc.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

St. Mark's lighthouse in Fl panhandle

First day of the trip north with a lovely painting spot.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Journal Prompt #20: Creating Depth

5 x 8" journal page

Well, here it is folks…my last post before I hit the road.
When it's 95 every day in FL…my hubby starts packing.  Hahaha.  
Only 53 for a high at the cabin.  It's going to be a huge shock to me!  Packing sweaters and jeans when it's 95 is somehow strange!

The prompt for today was to create something "with depth".
I have already packed up all my art supplies (well most of them) and so a pair of scissors and some glue and my inkjet printer were about all I had to work with.  Oh and a glue stick.

The background for the page was pre-done weeks ago…I do several backgrounds at a time.  Then wait to find something that will fit on them!  The "slick" ink which has a raised line seems to fit with this idea well.  Behind it is a Gelli print deli paper glued to the page.  

The Zendala (unfinished by the way) was copied on my inkjet printer twice and glued with YES glue to light tag board and cut out and between the layers is that stick/foam that you buy at Walmart or Michaels in sheets.  And I used glue stick on it as well.  I wanted to sort of express the "whirlwind of packing" and heading off again.  And because my journal theme is "awareness" or "attentiveness" I wanted a quote that fit that theme too.

I was thinking of coloring the layers of the Zendala but with the wild background decided against it.  That would be nice if the background were uncolored AND if I had time.  I'll post now and again from my iPad but the images are always so small that I am unhappy with them.  But at least you can follow along my journey.  I can always repost them another day.

We are praying for decent weather.  Leaving Friday morning.
Should get to southern WI by Tuesday. 6 days there and then the last 300 miles on Memorial Day.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Diva Challenge: Laura's birthday tangles: Dex and Bunzo

L and H are for Laura Harm's birthday which is TODAY…May 13.
I am sorry it did not get put in the slot on the calendar for today…but I know she won't mind.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Transparent Watercolor Show in WI

Carol Brody, Wellington, FL
22 x 30
"Party Papers, Ribbons and Confetti IV

You HAVE to go and look at the Transparent Watercolor's 39th annual exhibit here.  

First comes all the awards (except People's choice) and then down below you can click on all of the artist's paintings to see each one in the show.
VERY worth while to do that.  

I am going to get to see this exhibit in person a week from Thursday in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  I am SO excited.  I know two of the artists personally that got in!  What an amazing array of talent!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tangle A Day Calendar

The count down to the annual move back up north closes in on me.  6 days and counting.  You hear me go through this twice a year every year.
And it's not really a whine (although packing is not my favorite).
I've been reminded many many times this year that it is my privilege and my joy to be able to have two delightful places to be during the year.  

So should this sound like a whine, please forgive.
I am really really grateful to have two lovely spots in the world that mean a great deal to me and two sets of friends.  AND to have family who puts up with it and loves me anyway!  :-)  The packing, although not particularly "fun" is a good way to inventory what is most useful and needed in your daily life.  My art cupboard get organized and cleaned out, my fridge and kitchen cupboards get cleaned.  All good.

So this year I am going to make a huge effort NOT to sound like I am whining about all this.  But more than that I am grateful to have another opportunity to see 3 seasons in Wisconsin (spring, summer and fall) and to leave the snow and cold behind me each winter.
I look forward to our lovely little lake and our dear church and friends up there.  And my hubby has done so much to try to make the tiny cabin comfortable and pleasant for us both.  What could I possibly complain about!!!  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tangle A Day calendar for May 7-9

This layout is based loosely on Margaret Bremner's last post about how she did a tile ensemble.  I was just blown away (as usual) with what she did.  She used tiles but this is just all one page of course.
She took a very simple idea and made it elegant. 
That's the name of the game and she plays it so well.
Margaret's blog is on my sidebar.  Enthusiastic Artist.  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Acrylic Fun

Acrylic 11 x 14 canvas board

So I am in this online free acrylic class sponsored by Strathmore papers.  The teacher is Patti Mollica.  Nice soft big brush approach..I like it. Sort of like Jane Slivka who I once took a class from in Mt. Dora, FL.  Patti demos a nice wine bottle and two glasses.  We are allowed to place a photo of our work from the class in a free gallery where Patti can comment or other can also.  So I do a quick study of this life buoy at St. George Island and even though it's not done and needs some work (unsigned you'll note) I flip it onto the gallery.  (Hey, I am packing here to go north and I don't have a lot of time.)

It's the next day when I go online to look at other's work that I notice that I am THE only one who has NOT painted a wine bottle and two glasses.  Wait.  I was supposed to paint what the teacher painted without a photo reference?  I look in my in box and there is a photo reference.   Oh boy.  So here's the gallery, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, life buoy, wine, wine.  You get the picture.
OH boy.  So I write a little public note in the space provided for us to communally chat and note my distress at not having been provided with the notification that I was supposed to paint a wine bottle.  The teacher is understanding and apologizes for getting the photo reference out a little late.  

So I get this feedback from one of my co-painter students who did her painting and posted correctly.  She says, ""Which one of these things in not like the other….which one of these things just doesn't belong….can you guess which thing is not like the other before I finish my song…..XOXOX"

I just got to laughing.  That is EXACTLY how it looks…a Sesame Street game.  Hahaha.  I love it.  People are so funny.
There is always one, isn't there?  This time it's ME.  

Oh well, Patti will paint again next week and I won't be able to paint along because by then all my acrylics will be packed up and ready to go into the car.  Boo hoo.  At least I'll be able to watch along as I travel using my iPad.  

Incidentally, Patti uses only flat brushes 1,2, and 3" and does all the detail with them so as to keep things loose.  I like using the angular flats that I bought for Jane's class.  They are made by Scheewe and are called "background brushes".  I have a one inch and a 1-1/2"  Nylon.  Patti says she just uses inexpensive nylon brushes from Michaels or wherever.  They need to come to a sharp edge and have spring to them.  Voila.  There will be two more free Strathmore online classes in September on lettering and pen and ink drawing and I can hardly wait.  These have been very fun.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Diva's Challenge: Tangle a Labyrinth

The diva's challenge this week is to tangle a labyrinth.  
Laura found she had given herself a real challenge this time.
Labyrinths are not that easy to draw in the first place (although she gave a good link to drawing one).

This is THE most simple one and I moved ahead a week in my Tangle-a-Day calendar so I'd have enough room to do this.  Don't get the wrong impressions that I am really this far ahead!  

I wanted to stay "true" to a labyrinth's purpose and that is to have a clear path in and out (a meditative path) so that the person walking it has no worry about finding their way.  (The difference between this and a maze is huge!).  Mazes are puzzles to be solved.  Labyrinths are meditative walks without worry of getting lost.

So I made it a "yellow brick road".  You won't get lost in there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gelli Print Journals using recycled greeting cards?

Special thanks to Joanna Grant for sharing her tips on this fun way to recycle greeting cards.  These two little journals are totally made from old Christmas cards.  (any greeting card will do, of course). 

These were printed directly on a Gelli plate but you could also glue gelli print papers onto the cards as well.  AND who knew that those decorative rolls of "duck tape" could be so crafty and fun? (And yes, they do spell it "duck".)  It's such a strong and sticky tape it REALLY holds things together and comes in some really funky designs now (about $3.50 a roll at WalMart for about 10 yards.)

Click on Joanna's name above and go to her free intro video demonstrating a lot of what she will tell you and teach you on her new video!  

I've been trying to think of a fun project to introduce in my Gelli plate class in WI this summer.  This "might" one of them.  She also shows how to do this with an old recycled calendar!  (Takes longer to do but is really cool!)  And she does some darling accordion folded books that also would be fun to do in a class together.  

I'd like to journal in one of these so I could demonstrate what people put in this kind of a journal.  Lots of time for that this summer since the class is not until August.  

Gorgeous weather here in central FL…82-85 so the hot 90s has dissipated for awhile.  Sunny and beautiful.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tangle A Day through April

I am making some headway toward getting ahead on my calendar…slightly.  I'll be "on the road" by mid-May and although I have my calendar with me, I know from experience that getting to it while distracted or tired may not work.

Of these 6 tangles Gottago and Intersect are my two favorites.
Both will go on my "mac n cheese" flip chart.  Kloorz is kind of creepy, don't you think?  Holiday Splash would be cute in holiday colors at the holidays.  

Been a rainy day (mostly) in central FL today around 80.  Rain again tomorrow but then maybe a few pool days!  I am beginning to frame work for the up north shows now.  

Have a good week everyone!

Summer Afternoon

12 x 12 wc and collage on canvas board

The last week or so in the studio is always prolific.
I know I am going to be "on the road" for a month and I usually find all the half done projects and try to get them to some sort of conclusion before I go.  

The canvas on this board was primed with Daniel Smith wc ground…two coats sanded before I started.  I "gridded" this photograph reference in my new app called Jackson's ArtGrid.
The nice thing about that app is it allows you to reset the photo into whatever format (vertical or horizontal) and into whatever size your ground is and then grid it with however many sections you want to use.  I also do not have to print out the photo and waste ink but rather just work right off my iPad which has better color resolution than my inkjet printer does.

I can also turn the photo into black, white and gray.   
I have not signed this yet…am still letting it "rest" in case I want some changes.  The photo reference was from Key West but could be just about anywhere that has a lot of lush florals.

My biggest issue with the painting is that it divides warm and cool almost equally which is a no-no in painting.  But at this point I think changing that would be hard to do. My only other option might be to warm up the portion of the porch which is in the far left corner indicating a possible continuation of the flowers on that side of the porch but hazy and soft.  But I am reluctant to do that at this point.  Live and learn.  Basic rule: establish if the painting is warm or cool.  Sigh.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Decorating mailing envelopes

large yellow Mailing envelope

I want to have a few of these hand-decorated mailing envelopes around as samples for my August Gelli-plate workshop.  So I printed up another one.  

This one is actually more a "stamped" one done with those wonderful "magic foam" blocks you get at Joann's and then you heat one side with a heat gun and press it into anything that has a pattern and the foam block will HOLD that pattern semi-permanently…that is until you heat it again.  The blue pattern as made by pressing it into a saucer full of beads.  The purple pattern by pressing into a bunch of Q-tips.

Some of the others are stencils.  So actually maybe this is not the best example…it has some Gelli plate printing on the reverse side.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

One last Gerald Brommer assignment...

15 x 15" on 300# Arches WC paper

The purple/yellow combination was something I wanted to try on Wed in class (with Gerald Brommer).  The assignment was to try to "make a floral collage without actually making any flowers."  

This was less than successful (for me).  Although it was a pleasing design it's not what I really wanted to do.  I have another idea already in my mind to try while everything is fresh in my head.  And I may use some gesso to block out areas in this one and start again.  But probably not right away.  Something to work on later this summer.  

Right now I have a couple of ideas "fermenting" with some shows that are coming up soon in northern WI.  I'll post some of those sketches and ideas later.  

I need to write up some marketing materials for two of the three classes that will come up this summer and need to get out into newsletters.  

Meanwhile I need to get over a really nasty sinus cold that came from nowhere.  Ugh…they make me tired and cranky and I can't get motivated when I feel yucky.  Our packing and moving up north for the summer date is May 14 so I do have some time yet.  But then there is a LOT to do in that time frame too. I would say I have about two weeks left before I have to pack up the studio.  

Zentangle calendar for April

April slips gently away…third week into 4th now.
I did Ovy two ways…with my pen and on the iPad.
Also Loop again using "You Doodle" app.  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Journal Prompt #17: The magic of circles

8 x 5" journal page

It will be fun to see what other artists offer on the topic of "circles".  My first thought went to the labyrinth as a sacred circle.  The 3 shown here are 3 of the most common patterns shaped for walking one.

Remember now…a maze is a puzzle you have to solve.  A labyrinth is a journey to the center and back…always knowing where you are going and giving you time for solving problems and meditating along the way.  You are never lost in a labyrinth and you always return the same way you came…but often a different person.  

Thus the name of my blog was born…a meditative journey toward some center…paying attention all the way and back.  The circle background was prepared on a gesso'd page with acrylic paint using a foam brayer and a stencil (by StencilGirl stencils). After dry I adhered the small samples of labyrinths with gel medium and did the writing with an "identi-pen" black ink.  

You will note that I give a URL link to go on a "virtual labyrinth" at the end of the page.   

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day two of Gerald Brommer workshop

This design format is called "Shapes Within a Shape"
11.5" x 11.5" on 300# Arches paper

"Radiating Center of Interest"

"Compressed center of Interest" variation on a T format

The second day of Gerald Brommer's watercolor and collage class went so much smoother for me.

Gerald started out with about an hour lecture on about a dozen different design layouts to use for non-objective AND realistic paintings.  He had lots of examples.  

We spent the rest of the day experimenting with these.  I brought my own packets of tinted papers which included Gelli print, magazine scraps, as well the the papers I tinted yesterday in class.  Since I used red/orange combinations yesterday I wanted to try other colors today.  

I really like all 3 of these but probably the first one posted is my favorite.  We will get critiqued tomorrow morning so I'll let you know which ones Gerald liked.  

Only one more day for me, as I signed up for 3 of the 5 days.  But I feel I am getting a good workshop!
A good instructor!  

Collage Exercises with Gerald Brommer

The T Design

The Bridge Design

The crucifix design

Gerald Brommer

What a treat to take classes from such an experienced painter as Gerald Brommer!  I've admired his work for years and when I had the chance to at least get in 3 of the 5 days of this workshop I jumped right in.

It's a 40 minute drive up to The Villages for the workshop each morning but I am not sorry I signed up.  Gerald is 88 now and doing his LAST round of teaching before retiring.  I think he is doing one more class in Myrtle Beach and then heading back to CA where he lives.  

He is beginning us with his famous collage techniques by having us dye lovely oriental papers in watercolor to use in various ways.  The first day he is working (obviously) in teaching us the elements of good design by work in abstract elements with only two colors. When Gerald critiqued my work he said the "T" was his favorite one and that is why I put it first on the blog.  He said he would hang that one in his home!  Wow.  What a nice thing to say!  

The work is on 300# wc paper and is only 7.5" square.  We will be graduating to larger pieces this morning.  And he'll be adding more design elements as we go along.  I am sad that I am only able to take the first 3 days but our schedule this week would only allow for that.   More to come.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Journal Prompt 16: What Would you Like to Do?

5 x 8" journal page

The prompt this week was to pick something you have always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to yet.  
My friend Cynthia mentioned recently her love of Line Dancing and immediately I wanted to learn too!

It'll have to wait to fall when I return to fulfill this wish.
The dancers are a line drawing off Google images that I ink jet printed, then did an acrylic skin, attached with acrylic mat medium and when dry retraced with an apprentice black permanent pen.  The letters are foam letters from Dollar General!  The background is a Gelli print with lots of lines (get it lines dancing?) made with an oiler boiler and permanent black ink.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ipad Zentangle

Today I had a little time to play around with my new app called "You Doodle". 

Despite the fact that I am not too thrilled with the word "doodle" and am ignoring that and trying out different kinds of tangles using it.  

I entitle the first one on top "Line Dancing" which is one of the topics I plan to discuss in my Journal Prompt this week.  I am asked to think of something I'd like to learn.  Friend Cynthia likes to line dance.  That sounds really fun.  Next fall I may join her.

One of the fun parts of You Doodle is that what ever you fill in or add in the doodle the colorful pattern will continue on in the part you expose.  Very cool. These were made using a stylus.  I do have the "enhanced" version as it was on sale for only $2.99.  I can hardly wait to play more with it.  It will fun for traveling.

I printed these out on paper (sent from my iPad). 
I also printed out a few small versions to glue in my tangle a day calendar!  Also very cool.   

So far I haven't figured out how to shade on the tablet but once printed out, I can shade AND add enhancements to my heart's content.  Are we having fun yet!?