Friday, November 27, 2015

Journal Prompt 46: Font Fun

Journal Prompt 46: Fonts

One thing I am learning is that "font making" is like illustration…it takes practice and it takes TIME.  Unless you plan to just "trace" fonts, you have to take time to learn some new ideas about printing and writing.  Not interested in calligraphy…just interesting font-making.  

I was in charge of the journal prompt on Nov 11 and so I challenged members to work with fonts.  Since then there have been two challenges and I'm not on top of them. One is about birthdays and one is about special celebrations in your life.  I should be able to put those together, don't you think???  

The journal prompt is now coming to the close of their first year together.  Some folks have dropped out, others plan to drop out but there is a core group still left for next year.  

My goal is to post twice a month…combining prompts together if I can and if not, then picking my favorite.  I also plan to use a larger journal at least 9 x 12.  Doing it weekly was just too much pressure.  But I learned a lot.  I also learned at 5 x 7 journals do not give me enough wiggle room!  

Am going to try to find a little more studio time in the holiday rush of things.  We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel too…but no excuses.  This evening my goal is to write my Christmas letter (long over due) and decide what art work will go with it.

I am also trying to search out a mechanical pencil that holds a .3 mm lead (normal is .7).  I am thinking I need to visit Office Depot first.  Been enjoying Danielle Donaldson's book Creative Girl Mixed Media techniques for an Artful Life.  Her graphite work is gorgeous.  

Hope you all had a lovely lovely Thanksgiving and next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.  My tree is up.  I am keeping decorations VERY simple this year with the kitchen construction happening.  Decorating with a lot of nice pungent piney candles and a live poinsettia and just some favorite little Christmas table cloths and runners.  Just enough.  Now to find the Christmas CDs.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 3 of Jane Davies online class

So in Jane's online class we are cutting "stencils" with a craft knife…just simple shapes.  I am using old magazine pages for this.  Every place you see "blue" that is where I cut out a shape.  Then you roll out paint on your gelli plate and lay the stencil on it and then place your 8 x 8 paper wherever you want.

So for instance on this one (actually white paper, sorry about the pink tint) the aqua blue and the orange are actually paint.  The others are collaged hand painted papers.  

On this one the yellow/burnt sienna and the light blue are all painted.  The others are collaged hand painted papers.

Mostly we are just "playing" a little with the ideas.  We are not working out a lot of details on the collages yet.  

Preparing for tomorrow's WC lesson

Goals for Beginner class II:
drawing negative space (around the outside of the leaf).
mixing color on the paper.
leaving white spaces.
remembering where the light source is.
using water droplets for texture.
scraping for lines (veins)

You can get a lot of information from a small painting.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Artsy Fartsy on the portable sewing machine cover.



Ever since I discovered that my portable sewing machine case had begun to deteriorate…I've been planning on making it look a tad better.  First I thought I'd just paint it.  But soon I began thinking of something a little "wonkier".  You know me.

All those scraps of gelli-print paper…I know just the place for them.  These are collaged on with heavy gel medium.  I chose the heavier medium as I didn't want it running all over and the heavy medium stays put when you put it down and the papers also wrinkle a little less.  

Now that it is bone dry,  I'll coat the whole thing with Modge Podge clear coating to seal it well and give it some resilience.  Now where I store it in the studio will at least make it "fit in" as a piece of art work!!!
In my small space, there is no where to "put it out of sight" and I so I just needed it to "fit in".  Voila.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

There's Something in the Air

One of the many things we did at Legacy Park at the Zentangle class yesterday.  The Christmas card folds at the middle.  

The snowman is done on a classic 3.5 tile and then I cut slits in the card to insert the tile so it can be removed later if the recipient wishes to do so.  Above are a sample of some other possible borders (there are tons and tons of them, of course.)  But these are ones I like especially.  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Leesburg Art Association Fall Show

You Are Not in Kansas Anymore

Last Saturday evening's art reception for the fall gallery show at the Center for the Arts in Leesburg, FL.  No prizes this show…but it was fun.  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Zentangle Demo ready...


For the demo in Mt. Dora, FL I decided that for those people who bring a fine line black pen and a pencil, I would demo a book mark. Totally optional.  I wanted one that would be simple and not take too much time or have too much explanation.  This is not a "class"…just a demo.  Here are a few I played with the then decided on the third tangle.  "Ing" is the tangle that was introduced at CZT 15 which was my session.  So you sort of "bond" with your tangle, ya know?

It is very simple and yet has a very nice look to it.  I added a little tipple to balance it with a little organic lines and then did an aura around the whole thing. The wc is just to show people how things change if you add color.  

So I cut 50 book marks this weekend and on the back of each I have the information about my DK class in January.  Susan thinks we could have as many as 45 people at the demo.  So that would be good marketing for the class.  

Pretty warm (86) in central FL…overcast this afternoon.  After church and lunch, we are now watching the Packer's game.  They are down 14 to 27 at the point in the game.  Go Pack!  

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fun With Gelli Print class

Using Dimensional Paint

Using Acrylic Glazing medium

Okay so I am in this online class with Jane Davies.
This is a first for me.  Never done anything like this before.
I am not sure how many folks are in the class but I know it filled last April in 48 hours.  

She establishes a private blog to which we all post our lessons each week.  I think it's 6 weeks but right now I can't remember.

Folks in it are from all over the country and other countries too…I remember seeing The Netherlands and Canada and Great Britain..I forget where else.  Very fun.  

At this point Jane is having us begin to learn how to create different textures on the Gelli plate for collages.  I won't bore you with all the things but here were two I especially liked.  

Have been a busy bee in the studio lately…also getting ready to post my first prompt to the journal group on Facebook.  Makes me nervous to think I am in charge of it next week!  Yikes.
Thanks to Cynthia, who gave me inspiration, I think I have it written the way I want it now.  Hope I remember to post it!  

Life is crazy here.  After 3 weeks of not feeling well…I am almost back to normal (if ever I am normal).  We are busy remodeling our kitchen, and I have several classes I am teaching…watercolor next Monday and then Zentangle Tuesday the 17th.  So prep work ongoing there.  Everything slightly behind!  

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Journal prompt

9 x 12 Journal page, acrylic and multi media with photo.
Journal prompt for my FB group…the prompt is "Masks".
That's all…just "masks".  You interpret as you like.

My theory is that we all wear masks most of the time.
Some wear heavier ones and remove them less.
Others wear kind of cool ones that reflect the person underneath.
Mine is sort of "steam punk" with cogs and sails blowing in the wind…it might also reflect that I had a hard time sleeping last night because my flags and cogs kept churning.  Every have that happen?  

This is prompt #44.  The group has done one a week for almost a year now.  Whew.  THAT was one fast year!!!  I am wondering if we'll stay together for another year now.  My suggestions was two prompts a month instead of 4.  I'd like to feel I had a little more time to play with the ideas given out.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Diva Challenge: Wonky Leaves

Somehow it got to be Sunday (the last day for the Diva Challenge) and my wonky steam punk leaves didn't get posted.  I am SO far behind on my calendar…about 15 days.  THAT has never happened.  You can tell I have not been feeling well.  

But I'll be better soon.  
AND I'll get more creative next week.  I promise.
Tune in.

Back in the studio again! WHEW!

FINALLY got my studio unpacked here in central FL. 
Been at least three, almost 4 weeks since I had a studio and boy was I missing my space! It takes a week to pack it, so why was I so surprised it took a week to unpack it??? I keep the spot under the window for multi-media work and the desk to the right for watercolor and Zentangle, etc.  Temps 85 here every day.  Gorgeous.  

However it did not help that I came back with the flu.  And a doozy of one.  Headache, body aches, cough, sore throat and temperature.  Luckily it didn't come on until day 13 of the trip.  So most of our wonderful adventures were done.  Poor sis got stuck with me being in bed most of my visit to her in SC! 

Saw the doctor this past Wed but she says it's a viral flu and I have to "be brave" and stick it out.  Sigh.  Brave?  Me?

Am turning my thoughts to the beginner watercolor class coming up on the 9th here at the park…at least 10 students and maybe a few more.
I thought maybe Cheryl Moote's nice fall line drawing might be an easy one for a starter. 

What about wet on wet first with a a nice warm palette?
Teach about "layering"?  Seemed like a good idea. It is very small…like 5.5 x 7.5".  

But you know what?  This is too complicated for "beginner-beginners".  Too many objects, too much shading, too much texture, and we don't have that much time!

Back to the drawing board.  
I need a simpler thing…probably a simpler still life.
Anyone have a good idea?  Maybe just a mug and an apple or something like that?  

This is my drawing of a "Rat Rod" that I saw recently up north.
I'd like to try this in watercolor next.  Wish Barb Sailor was here with me to advise me on "rust".  Although in reality this was not rusty…I think it would be fun to give it a little rust.  

Have a good Sunday everyone. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Indiana and Ohio on the way to South Carolina

What a great treat to visit my beautiful artist blogger friend Deb Ward in Indiana Tuesday at her studio AND amazing farm! Here are a few of her lovely watercolors. And a special thanks to her hubby who drove us all over the farm.

Later on Tuesday my hubby and I visited the Cincinnati Art museum.
We had a lovely cafe lunch over looking the court yard and then spent all afternoon visiting a wide array of wonderful art...Calder, Miro, Chihuly, Childe Hasam, Gainesboro, Wyeth, and so many others. What a treat.

The special exhibit there was Raphael's Girl with the Unicorn. Lots of amazing background on that painting's history and restoration!

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Playing Catch up in Tangle A Day

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Photos from family gathering in southern Wi Saturday.

The lovely colors of the Midwest autumn. The trees have practically no color this year so we find it in other places.

Here are my 3 kids. Beth, me, Julie and Rick.

Greg awarding our grandson, Patrick, the annual cabin Fishing Trophy.

Happy birthday to grandson, Mike, on his 9th.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Today we visited my old friend Denise Woods and her husband who now run Highfield Farms Creamery making and selling wonderful cheeses and honey.
The farm is in Lake Geneva, WI.
It was a tad chilly...50s but sun came out and it was nice in the late afternoon.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Double Dipping

Double dipping as I pack to go to Florida…
here is the Journal prompt #40 (pick 5 favorite things) and the Diva's challenge (use a stencil to tangle).  

My stencil is from iStencil.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finishing up a Zendala

This Zendala is about 8" across.
Based on one that Margaret Bremner posted probably a year ago…I started it out from the center like hers and then continued on.  Then put it aside and there it sat in a folder forever.

Packing up to head south next week, it surfaced again.  
So I finished it and now then that I would like to do something around the outside edge.  I am thinking of the tangle Akoya but it will have to be thought through carefully so I don't end up with half a tangle at the closing of the circle!  I am thinking maybe doing two "ripples" of Akoya between each point.  Hmmmm?

I will do a sample on the side and see how I like it.
Do you think I need to add a little spice of color in it somewhere?

We have FREEZE warnings in north central WI tonight.  Oh my!
Greg has built a lovely roaring fire in the fireplace so we are toasty and I have a heating blanket for the bed.  But the old cabin is not very insulated so we could not hang on for much longer.  Last year by Oct 3 we had a light coating of snow!!!  Not kidding. 

One thing when you have a fire like this is broils the humidity right out of the air.  So now I have the humidifier on.  (Note: Greg hasn't gotten around yet to putting stone facing on his little fireplace so temporarily I painted acrylic faux stones!)

Our count down to closing is going fairly smoothly so far.
We take off on Monday.  So I'll post on Sunday morning and then I'll be posting from my iPad which always puts very small photos up.  But at least you'll know where we are and what is up!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rhinelander Zentangle Class

We had a great time Saturday.
We finished up our morning by starting a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  We all got the same wonky houses but everyone did different tangles in different places.  They took them home to finish (color is optional).  I used watercolor and gel pens.  
Great last class for the north woods season this year.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Don't Scold Me

I KNOW it isn't even Halloween. So WHAT is this?
I am prepping for a Holiday Tangles workshop for Zentangle and so I am finding my calendar a great place to practice tangles. This is definitely a place to use color!!!  Almost any tangle can looking like a holiday pattern in red and green!!!

Full moon over the lake tonight…gorgeous weather up to 70 today.  Very unusual for September 25 this far north in WI.  Still not much color here…just some tinges here and there.  The leaves were falling all dried up with no color this week!  What's the deal?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Turning Our Thoughts Southward

Cleaning up paint and fooling around in the studio yesterday I decided to take an old used yellow manila envelope and decorate it for our trip reservations, addresses and etc that we accumulate as we travel south.  Hopefully keep me from losing it.  

And my Books R Us folder for my book club was totally falling apart. So I took another used folder I found and decorated it too.  On that one I put a coat of gloss varnish over the cover as that really makes it stronger.  

But I need to get serious and finish up a few projects now this week as it's just about that annual time to "fold up my tents" in the north woods of WI.  I just hate to think about it!  Sigh.  But we are 10 days and counting until we leave the cabin and head south.  My studio (once packed up) is a storage spot for lamps, chairs, games and puzzles so I sort of have a time frame here.  Sigh.  So I have one week until I have to be "out".  I do a lot of sighing this time of year.  

The last 3 days after the studio closing is a time scrunch of packing clothes and draining pipes and washing out the fridge and winterizing the washing machine, etc. etc. etc.  Same ole, same ole.  We have a check sheet.  We know the routine.  None of that last stuff is much fun though!  And it's a little sad to say good bye to the lake, the loons, the labyrinth, the forest, the boats, the happy memories.  

We have a nice itinerary for travel of visiting friends and family, and even seeing a blog artist friend if the weather holds!  Then off to SC to visit my sister for a few days.  It gets a little old living out of suitcases for two weeks but we know the routine.  

I teach one more Zentangle class this Sat in Rhinelander.  That's always fun.  Need to load up the car tomorrow night for that.  So then I can start with putting Zentangle stuff away first.  I have a couple of art things that need finishing this week and I have not posted to my journal now for a week!  Wish me luck!