Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Here are my last two wc journal entries for my trip east and south.
The first is my sister's home in SC and the second is the Blue Rick Creek in the WV mountains.

Both are small sketches..5x7" under an hour en plein air.

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Location:En plein air journal sketches while traveling

Friday, October 17, 2014

Diva's Challenge this week:Yuma

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Yuma, Uncorked, Vache 1, Revolution

Yuma was familiar to me but thought I would toss in 3 that I had not tried before. Can't remember now where I found these. It might have been Pinterest.

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I was surprised to the fresh strawberries at this time of year! But there they were! Looking like I should be painting them!

Having a lovely three day stay here at my sister's on Lake Wylie.
Off to a train ride in the NC mountains on Monday before we head south to FL and home next week.

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Location:Autumn in South Carolina

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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-Wc on gessoed paper about 8x10
Not finished.

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Location:En Plein Air at Pipestem, WV

Sunday, October 12, 2014

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I rarely post personal photos on my blog but this has been a family week for as we wrap our stay in Wi and now head out east and south now for a week.

Here are Greg and I with the two youngest of our 12 grandchildren.
Mike won the family fishing trophy for this summer.

We leave for Cincinnati tomorrow and then WV. Rain predicted for the first 3 days of this trip...some could be significant. We are a little concerned.
We do carry a weather radio with us and we'll check in often.

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Location:A family party

Friday, October 10, 2014

Diva Challenge #188: National Coming Out Day Oct 11

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The challenge this week is ti use the colors of the rainbow AND tangles that start with what letters LGBT.

My tangles are Lampion, Gommi, Bunzo, and Tucked In

We are currently en route from northern WI to FL and as usual enjoying lots of interesting stops along the way! Sunny weather in southern WI but BRISK temps especially in the evenings with frost warnings!

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Working with the Visually Impaired

4.5" tile: Spiteria, Printemps, Shard, Drained

Trying out another Apprentice Tile.  Now this tile  is cut from Canson Montval 140 cp Watercolor paper.  Very nice quality paper.  The zentangle official Apprentice tile is a glossier paper.  

This is a really nice option for visually impaired students.  Some of us have a number of students who fall into that category.  I think we should be carrying 4.5" tiles and .05 pens and/or Apprentice pens in our kits for students taking beginner classes who fall into that category!!!  

I am enjoying the tangle Spiteria.  It is the funky star shape tangle.  

We had snow in the north woods Friday and Saturday so Florida is looking SO good right now!!!  We are packing up and heading out soon.  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Diva's Challenge: Blind String.

Blind String: Squaro, Swags, Laces, Tipple, Striping

Blind strings for a challenge are always fun and makes you wonder why you bother looking at all when you draw strings!  They get so much more creative this way!

What is interesting about this one is that it is done on an Apprentice Tile (4.5") instead of classic 3.5".  I am prepping for a class on Wednesday where I'll have someone who is visually handicapped.  Since I had not used an Apprentice Tile myself, I thought it best to give it a try.  I used an .05 pen instead of an .01.  There is also an Apprentice Pen but mine are all packed away unfortunately.  I think the 05 will work fine for her.

I tried an ultra fine Sharpie but they "bleed" slightly on the soft paper.  No go.  Apprentice materials are generally for younger students.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Last En Plein Air Painting of the Season

8 x 10 wc and ink on gallery-wrapped canvas

On September 26 the temperatures in the north woods of Wisconsin flew up to 75 degrees.  Indian Summer had come (and lasted about 48 hours).  THAT is all you get in the north woods!  

I grabbed my folding stool and paint bag and went outside down the path turning back up toward our little cabin.  The photo of the painting makes the cabin color a tad more "orange" when it is actually more red but I decided to leave it as it…warm and cozy and glowing in the late afternoon sunshine looking as it was on that day.  I haven't signed this painting yet as I see a few tweaks I want to make. But that will come next spring.  

That evening Greg and I took our wine and crackers and sat at the lake's edge to watch the sunset. It was magical and we held hands.  We wanted to just hold that memory for ever!  

This is the only painting I've done of the cabin since the loft was added and that has been many years ago.  The painting is of the "main" section…the living area and the "breezeway" where the door is shown which connects the main dwelling with the "annex" which is the screen porch and the building set aside for our hobbies: Greg's train layout and my studio.  Hubby has built almost everything by hand himself over the years.  

The window just to the right of the tallest tree in the painting is where I am sitting right now writing this and looking back out and down to the lake.  It is raining and windy and temperatures are dropping steadily…we may get snow flurries tonight!  Greg has a cozy fire going in the fireplace.  (That is the big tall silver chimney near the center of the painting.)  This is a treat of it's own, as early spring and late fall are our times to use it.  Again, Greg put this in himself.  A do-yourself kind of guy!  

We are packing this weekend…soon time to head to Florida.  We take about two weeks to travel…have reservations at Pipestem State Park in West Virginia along the way, a ride on the Smokey Mountain RR and a visit to SC to see my sister and brother in law.  Many fun adventures ahead.  Stay tuned!  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Calendar in Oct

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We will be " on the road" soon and so as usual I am tangling ahead in my calendar.

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This is a tanglelation of Neil Burley's great tangle called Swag.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Keeping ahead on my calendar

Posting on my iPad today.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Diva's Challenge: the leaf

The challenge this week is to tangle in "leaves".  
A very autumn challenge.
But while everyone is looking "up" into the ethereal magic of color it is also wise to look "down".  
There the leaves of grasses and wave gently in lovely browns and yellows and golds and siennas and grays.  My mother used to take me for long walks to pick the seed pods and golden grasses and we would make wonderful fall bouquets.  I did the same with my children in the fields and along country roads.  Great memories.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Magic Zentangle Machine

The Magic Zentangle Machine.
1) fill with ink
2) turn crank
3) tangles fall out into the Zentangle bin

Deliver to friends often.
See how easy this is, Mary Gayle!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Hues in the North Woods of WI

It was a magical weather day Tuesday…72 and bright sun and cloudless sky (TOTALLY unusual here) and I'll bet we are at 75-85% of color.  Greg and I just drove out into the country past cranberry farms, the displays of pumpkins and myriads of sparkling blue lakes rimmed in dazzle and reflecting the same color up.  Mile after mile of wildly colored forest not broken by any houses…just a town popping up now and then: St. Germain, Eagle River, Three Lakes, Hazelhurst.  And after awhile I began to think all the leaves had been "photoshopped".  The reds were unbelievably red.  Alizarin red…not just scarlet lake but deep crimson maples against bright Indian yellow aspens and birch. Gold against wild oranges and lemon-lime and dark green pines.  It made you dizzy. I've been here over 25 years and I don't think I've EVER seen the hues this intensely beautiful.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Using Brown and Black in Zentangle

I think this is one of my favorite calendar pages, so far.  I like that it is "tied together" with Zander but still has it's own tangle per day.  I enjoy the brown and black pens together.  

I've been working on setting up my Renaissance Tile Advanced workshop for October 10 (in case it actually is a "go") and so the brown pens were out.  I am focusing on advanced tangles, use of the brown pen with white charcoal highlights, more detailed ideas about how to organize your tangles, and an elaborate lesson on shading.  It's really quite different when you don't have to go through all the basic information!  Although I will review "the ceremony" of Zentangle again.  I should know by Oct 1 if this is going to go or not.  

Autumn continues to rush forward in the north woods and the color is amazing!  Unfortunately rain predicted today!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Diva Challenge for this Week

Well, it's a "two-fer" when you do the calendar AND the challenge at the same time.  Phicops/Diva Dance this week.  

I have found the Zentangle A Day Calendar has it's own Facebook page.  Took me from Jan to September to find it.  Duh.

Anyway Carole (the author and artist) says the 2015 one is at the printer now.  More info on that later.

Gray and 50 today…not like the weather man predicted.  Darn.
Greg is busy finishing up his painting of the bedroom walls and then we are really just about fully done with the remodel.  It took ALL summer however.  Sigh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Zentangle Promotion

The following is the email "shout out" for my next class to be held in Lake Geneva, WI on October 8th.  The workshop chairman of the Lake Geneva Art Foundation is obviously very talented as this is a great piece of advertising!  I was very impressed. 

This organization is dear to my heart as it is with this group that I took my very first watercolor lessons back in 1999.  Thank you Paulette!  And also to Nancy who continued on the lessons in later years.  It is really fun to be back again and doing some teaching of my own there.  

So between now and then I have help close down our north woods cabin and start packing up everything we'll need in FL.  Sigh.  The countdown is 20 days.  The autumn forests here are just now turning amazing colors…it just took my breath away driving back from town this morning.  I hesitate to try to take photos because they never do the colors  justice.  Suffice to say I missed my turn off because I was looking at the leaves and I drove on 3 miles before I realized it!  

Zentangle Class in a Store

This was my first experience teaching Zentangle in a "commercial" setting.  I taught at the Stamp This, Scrap That store in Minocqua, WI this morning. Just 3 students but they were GREAT and we had a wonderful morning.  AND the store owner provides a lunch!  How cool is THAT!  

It's a little disconcerting to be talking over other customers wandering around the store but most of them were very polite and quiet once they saw there was a class going on at the back of the store.

It's nice to have a small group once in awhile too.  I've been teaching 13-15 in a group up to now and while the feed back and interaction is nice I do think it's not quite as personal and people don't ask as many questions in large groups.  

Zentangle Calendar Ahead

Ahead again…but thinking this is wise when I know I am going to be "on the road" soon heading south.  Yuma and Zailz are brand new tangles and it's fun to try them in a smaller format.  Calendar squares are 2.5" instead of classic 3.5".  I tried Margaret Bremner's curvy adaption of ING which is fun and creatively plagiarized the Fescu which I saw on someone's Facebook page and adored.  I wanted to remember it.  Simple but elegant.  Lots of "aura" practice!

Am off to teach a small class this morning at a local Stamping Store.  More on that later.